42 thoughts on “Question of the Day – 10/5/16

  1. I’m a simple kinda guy, so nothing too fancy. I’d take shrimp étouffée, a dozen on the half shell, and two or a dozen Abita Amber Bock’s. For dessert? Some “special” brownies. I’d prefer to be feeling no pain as I left.

  2. Crab legs, sauteed green beans, lasagna, an amazing salad, sweet tea, banana pudding, butter beans, mashed potatoes, birthday cake (with the sugary icing from the grocery store), cheese (lots of cheese of all kinds), homemade/crockpot mac’n’cheese……. OK. It would be a buffet : ) I would just eat a little of all of it.

  3. Melanzane Parmigiana for starter, Pasta with seafood for main course plus a Sicilian cannolo and a Rhum Baba for desserts, all accompanied by a lot of a good white wine so that I would get so drunk and merry that I wouldn’t realize that I would be dying.

  4. A fresh salad with as many different fresh vegetables, crunchy quinoa, pomegranate, chicken or beef a good dressing and… maybe some sourdough toast with butter… I think nothing beats fresh vegetables and salad. I really mean it. And then chocolate for dessert. And raspberries… maybe with some sour creme or so…

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