6 thoughts on “My Husband’s Dream

  1. Oooooh my.. It’s so hard when you lose someone so close.. it really stays with you.. and haunt you. See them everywhere.. in everything.. that you never thought 💭 about while they were alive..

    My condolences to your husband… I can relate to his heart ❤️ felt sorrow..

      1. Men!!!!..???

        They try so hard to be tough and emotionless 😐..
        but you know him enough to know it’s just a mask to to show a tough exterior .. but under all that armor is just a mushy guy with a heart ❤️ full of emotions…

  2. Thanks for sharing, Danny. Great post. I try to follow all of your partners — especially if I like the content. Your, sir, have been a blessing to me. Thanks, and have a wonderful weekend.

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