13 Simple Blogging Tips

13 Simple Blogging Tips


Here are a few tips I offer to some of my fellow bloggers. Most of these I list because I have noticed numerous issues during my morning reading.

Here are my 13 simple blogging tips:

  1. Use spell check and proofread your writing before hitting send.  I forget about this one sometimes and allow simple errors to publish.
  2. Keep posts to between 400-1200 words max if you post often.  If you post less frequently, then aim for 2,000 words or so.  I know Google gives more validity to posts that are longer, but your readers will get tired of reading extremely long, frequent posts.  That is unless they are incredibly helpful or super interesting.
  3. Post consistently throughout the day: 5 posts per day is my target.
  4. Don’t try to out think the room.  Meaning: stop stringing complicated themes together with even more complicated words. Keep your writing style simple and don’t try to impresss.
  5. Do not use background images that make seeing your blog home page impossible.  I came across a page this morning that nearly caused me to have a seizure.
  6. Create an About page with an image of you.  It is the first page I go to when visiting a new page.  No About Page, I exit rather quickly.
  7. Organize your page in a simple and easy way to navigate.
  8. Link your page to your Gravatar
  9. This one might ruffle a few feathers, but I’m going to say it anyway.  I get that some pages cover serious topics and I understand that the subject matter on those pages will always be serious.  But, if you are blogging about your life, don’t always be Debbie Downer.  I use to follow a blog that I had to quit reading because every single post was so depressing.  There are going to be times when honesty requires a little sadness or a melancholy tone, but don’t complain in every post.  Your audience will get tired of reading it…I promise I’m not the only person that holds this opinion.
  10. Recycle your older posts.  This can be done in 1 or 2 ways.  1. change the date and time of a previously published post, or 2. copy an older post and republish.  The first option keeps all the statistical data attached to the post, but does not republish to your followers email inbox.  The latter option republishes to follower’s email, but is a brand new post with no statistical data attached.  I have used both methods and prefer the first option, but either way is fine.
  11. Use internal and external links in the body of your post.
  12. Stop using so many tags.  WordPress only recognizes 15 total tags, including your category!
  13. Lastly, edit your permalinks to reflect the information in your post.  This is especially important if a permalink defaults to a number.  The permalink to this post was originally a number and I edited it to “13 simple blogging tips.”

Hope this helps!!




175 thoughts on “13 Simple Blogging Tips

    1. I don’t post nearly as much original content as i once did but still try to put forth 2-3 thought provoking posts per week. but when I was really growing, I posted frequently.

      1. I guess it depends on the purpose of your blog. Not sure that posting non-original content is the best thing for our blog, but I can’t say that for others. Someone even suggested that I start reposting older blogs, but I’ve only been doing this for a few months and wonder if maybe it’s too early to be doing that.

  1. Hi… I posted a blog named rendezvous with nature… It was a ttpe of travellogue but now when i see in my readers blog.. Its not there.. I also tried to search on web.. It wasn’t there too.. And nkw the link is also not working

  2. I’m going to have to look into the permalinks topic. It is something I haven’t even paid attention to in my blog. I think everything you said is just amazing. The one thing I found most helpful is your advice about writing in a depressing or complaining tone. Negativity drives people down and the response is going to be less. However, misery loves company and some people feed off the drama of others.

    1. I agree that some people will feed off the drama. But that number is going to be very low. And statistically those types of blogs tend to have very low follower numbers.

    1. For the reblog button on desktop go to Admin, Settings, Sharing. You’ll see a place to click on Allow Reblog button. The follow button: on desktop go to Admin, Appearance, Widgets. You’ll see Follow Blog and Follow Button which you can drag into your sidebar.

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