39 thoughts on “Question of the Day – 10/22/16

  1. Ha, ha, I love this question! I never shine my shoes. If I did I think everyone would have to wear sunglasses – my go to pair are bright shiny raspberry clogs! πŸ™‚

  2. Thinking….how often am I supposed to? I find that when I’m not wearing a shoe so often, they tend to scale and spoil more quickly. So, I need advise on this one actually

  3. Right before I put them on, maybe a handful of times. Frankly, I don’t really shine them, more like dusting them off. The rest of the time, I’m either in running shoes (I’m a therapist and on my feet most of the day, so they are standard foot wear for us) while at work, or in Keen’s when at home. Or barefoot, preferably.

  4. I never shine them because I use mostly trainers. The elegant ones are in swedes, but I very seldom use them. Only when I go out for dinner with friends or other similar occasions and that happens rarely.

  5. They never expressed the will to be shined… Should I make a move? Ask them first? Can I practice on somebody else’s shoes, or will mine feel betrayed and frown on me and force me to buy them fancy laces? OMG why do you want to talk about shoes?????


      1. It really does. I notice it more now because I was taught how to shine my shoes and it irks me when they’re dirty, even if no one else notices

      2. I like Winter I just thought that we would have a couple of more weeks of Fall. I love both seasons as long as I’m dressed for it.

      3. Yes it is and how the snow blocks out all sound so it’s silent. Everything is quiet and beautiful especially if the moon is out.

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