Definitely Autumn…

I love the autumn!

Cyranny's Cove


Gone summer…

For two days now, Autumn has settled in Montréal. The trees had dressed in different shades of yellows, oranges and reds a while ago, but it didn’t really count yet, since it was still very warm all day, and the sun was almost always out there shining high and bright.

Gone the warm weather, and gone the sun too, now.


I’m walking home from work… It’s been a long long day. Almost as long as my to-do list… There’s so much to be done.

Wash clothes for the week to come. Clean the kitchen… because, well, cleaning won’t take care of itself even if I am up since 3h45 am. Start plannin Chéri and little bro’s birthdays. Replying to messages received during the afternoon, preparing my answer to two blogging awards, because yes, Suze and Betcha Didn’t Know nominated me, and even if my energy level flirts with…

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