Is Your Track Record Reflecting Your Efforts?


Are you really giving life your 100% best effort?  I mean really, really, really trying?  Or do you pay lip service to working hard while you know in the back of your head there is more you could be doing?   Are you busy or are you productive?  If you have 30 extra hours each week to work toward your dreams are you utilizing that time?  If you only have 5 hours per week to work toward your dream…or maybe only 3 hours…

These are all questions I ask myself each Monday morning as I prepare for my week.  In sales I have to keep myself disciplined and motivated.  My money relies on my hard work and devotion to my sales plan.  If I don’t do the work each day then my track record will reflect my efforts.

Is your track record reflecting your efforts?

There will always be circumstances beyond your control, but at some point you must stop and realize that not all circumstances are out of your control.  A vast majority of what you get from life results directly from what you put in.

Low effort, lazy effort, minimal effort, lackadaisical effort = weak results


38 thoughts on “Is Your Track Record Reflecting Your Efforts?

  1. Sometimes we can have too much time on our hands and the motivation wanes. And at other times when we’re stretched for hours that’s when we push ourselves and realise how much we can achieve. At least that’s what I’ve found.

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  2. Love that Colin Powell quote. And love the name of your blog. I had a painting made for my daughter’s dorm room that says “Today is a Great Day to Start Living Your Dreams. Dream Big!” Wish I had seen the Meet and Greet sooner, but glad to have found your blog via another blogger, The Comfortable Coop. 🙂

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    • Hi Cynthia! I appreciate you stopping by and saying hello. I love the quote you had made for your daughter’s dorm room and hopefully she will heed the message. As for the Meet n Greets I hold them every weekend and a lot of folk stop by. It’s a good way to find new blogs and introduce yourself to others.


  3. Great share in particular I like the part with how we are spending our time. Are we just being busy, or productive. So many of us seem to be busy, yet not actually being productive and we don’t take the time to reflect on what is important, what isn’t and how we can optimize our performance and time. Good Job!

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  5. As always, I appreciate your insight and respect what I see in your blogs-encouragement.
    I have to say this one is my favorite as it really speaks to so many things about life. Yes, money is important and we need it to sustain ourselves in the world we live in, but I also see how this message can speak to other things in life, such as getting healthy physically,, emotionally, spiritually, etc..
    I have been a procrastinator, but have learned it kept me back. Now I fight the depression and anxiety battle, but it is one day at a time. My biggest battle is accepting when things are out of my control and if I don’t want to be stuck in the past and in the same pattern, I need to do something about it. The only thing in my past that would be beneficial in my life right now, is the child like faith and innocence that I once had.
    Again, thank you for always sharing such engaging and encouraging messages.

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      • It is still a work in progress, however, my biggest ally is a thing called regret. I remind myself the best that I can how I felt when I put things off. When I didn’t utilize the time that I had to get things done. Maybe guilt is another ally. In thinking more about this, I have realized as well that I have three adult kids and two grandkids who I need to continually set examples for. I cannot expect them to learn to not be a procrastinator if I am still doing it myself, then that would make me a hypocrite. Longwinded reply, my apologies. Basically, through growth, regret and guilt I fight the battle of procrastination. I fi want more time and freedom for reading, writing and enjoying peace and nature, then I need to stand firm and do what needs to be done when it needs to be done.

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      • Taking action now and getting things complete really does free up ones time. I use to spend more time figuring out ways to not do something. Seems silly now looking back. lol

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  6. This is a most excellent post. Important too, because it will reach just the right people at the right time in their lives, and serve as inspiration for a change, or renewed commitment to a goal, or a new goal, or perhaps this is a reminder to someone to persevere at their current commitment. Thank you. 🍁

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  7. Do what you have to do, day by day, and then a bit more, and if possible some more!!
    If you don’t succeed, try and try again.
    Procrastinating will not help you and may well harm you in the long run.
    When I wake up in the morning, I take a conscious decision, to go out and give it my all. I must admit, that some mornings, its hard to do just that, but that’s what will get me through my day, my week, month by month and year by year.
    If you have a dream, BIG or small DREAM, that you work towards and aim for, you have to go all out, give it your best shot. It’s your DREAM and you have to work for it.

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