It Is Possible To Want Something So Bad That It Causes You To Make Bad Decisions

It Is Possible To Want Something So Bad That It Causes You To Make Bad Decisions


Do you believe a person can over-try or try too hard when it comes to reaching a goal?  Can a person work too hard?  There are times when reaching a goal will require patience and there are also moments when reaching a goal requires doing nothing.  I ask this because I know people who want things so bad that it seems they become their own worst enemy.

I understand desire, but it is possible to want something so bad that it causes you to make poor decisions thus impeding your ability to reach your goal.  I have experienced this personally.  I think it is important to understand success is a balance of desire, effort and patience.

Being an impatient person I have to remind myself of this principle on a daily basis.  What are your thoughts?



22 thoughts on “It Is Possible To Want Something So Bad That It Causes You To Make Bad Decisions

  1. I have been facing this situation recently, and I have decided to change all of my online habits so that my impatience doesn’t refrain me from having a good experience, I have understood that all of this is a long process and that it’s unnecessary to push myself that hard, i just have to be patient and do my thing.

      1. Well, that’s pretty much Citizen Kane. Kane wants so much to run a newspaper business that though he ends up becoming one of the richest men in the country, he slowly loses his friends and loved ones, dying alone as a broken, bitter man, realizing in his last fleeting moment that the only time hew as really happy was not when he was rich and powerful, but when he was an everyman enjoying life’s simple pleasures.

  2. My insecurities, patience and depression is my worst enemy. It is a daily battle it seems, but I am in a better place now then I was in the past. I love the quote that I will probably mess up but am sure everyone will get the point. “I’m not where I want to be, but I thank God that I’m not where I used to be.” Everytime I see that quote on my twitter feed, I am reminded of the nightmares I once lived, and become more thankful and appreciative that God took me from there.

    1. I would say my experience is exactly the opposite. Most of my best results and/or accomplishments did not come easy. I had to devote tremendous effort and dedication and in the end the reward was that much more enjoyable.

      1. I speaking more on the line of indulgences and desires. I agree that when it comes to an accomplishment or something productive that is absolutely true. But when I want something that wouldn’t be good for me, God gives me an out to save me from myself!

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