28 thoughts on “Question of the Day – 11/1/16

  1. Im hoping to turn my blog into a business and hopefully get engaged. I love that this post has me thinking about things ahead, rather than waiting until “Resolution time”. This is great!

      1. I just started doing my 2017 goal list today. Thanks for the inspiration. I bought this calendar called Tools for wisdom;it really helps in developing a solid plan of action and asks some pretty thought provoking questions to keep you motivated and driven. You might like it. It’s worth checking out! Judy thought I’d mention it.

      1. I do I thought I was on the last edit when I was told that a pivotal section was not correct this altered the last third of my MS. So I went back on my research and was horrified to see she was right. My aim is to be show ready by easter but I have been reluctant to say it. *thinks* Now you cornered me that was sneaky… Easter it is 😇

  2. Yes huge plans. Larger than life. That’s about the size of them. I’m not all that keen in carrying them out but I can’t stop being creative. Creativity and big challenges are my addictions. Anyway I never write them down because they keep coming like an unending current.

  3. Oh yes! Big plans. First of all I will get my books published. Finally. Then I will boost a business I just joined and I’m planning on first of all starting big when it’s launched and then get to a specific level of income in a short time. Then I’m planning on buying a house for us. People might call all of this dreams but I call them plans. Dreams you dream, plans you work on.

  4. plan my wedding, attend my daughter’s wedding, read more books, finish writing my short story, and lose weight.. not in that order. need to fit myself into the dream gown. 🙂

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