Is There Something Which You Have Become So Familiar That You Don’t Appreciate It Any Longer?

Is There Something Which You Have Become So Familiar That You Don’t Appreciate It Any Longer?

Downtown Shelby, NC

At my job I cover two large counties as my sales territory.  In one of those counties is a small town called Shelby.  This little town represents all that is good about the southern United States: down-home feel, kind people and a quaint, yet beautiful downtown area.

Every Wednesday I visit Shelby to help the other reps with any needs they might have digitally.  This gives me the opportunity to enjoy the shade of the mighty oaks which line the downtown area, walk from store to store and enjoy some of the restaurants.  It is a great place to visit.

What I find interesting is that many of the residents take this small town for granted.  Some of the residents find it odd that I enjoy visiting so much and are reluctant to believe that people would find Shelby to be anything but ordinary.

So it is with things that become familiar to us.  It is easy to take our lives for granted and it takes a lot of effort to train yourself to be grateful.  I guess our eyes become accustomed to seeing things in our life to the point that we no longer see them.  Is there something which you have become so familiar that you don’t appreciate it any longer?


23 thoughts on “Is There Something Which You Have Become So Familiar That You Don’t Appreciate It Any Longer?

    1. Mick, I’m not sure why my notifications didn’t show me your comment. I agree. There are parts of Charlotte I take for granted and then friends will visit and remind me of how beautiful our little city is.

  1. I agree… Most of us are so focused on our daily routine, that we become blind to all those special little things we see/experience every day. Blogging made me very aware of that. To me, living in Montréal was the most ordinary thing, until I started my “if you came to Montréal” posts. The response, and the interest of faraway people for what was “usual” to me opened my eyes. Now, when I walk through the city, I try to see it as if it was the first time… And each time, I notice little things to enjoy that I used to just pass by. My boyfriend makes fun of me, taking pictures of buildings we’ve seen so many times, or places we’ve been to regularly, calling me “the tourist”… And in a way, he is right, I am touring my own world, and it is nice 😉 (sorry, loooong answer :P)

    1. Cyranny, I apologize for not responding sooner. I am going back through older posts and realize my notifications must not be working properly. Daily routines are good and bad in this regard. Good to be able to accomplish things, but bad in that we tend to get tunnel vision.

      1. No worry Danny 🙂 I’ve been extremely busy this week, and I’ve got a lot of catching up on replies to do myself!

        Have a great weekend 🙂 xx

  2. I sometimes take for granted the fact that I’m alive. Case in point, I’m always beating myself up about my weight/hair, etc. But at least I have hair, I’m in good health. I’m 57 and have known a decent amount of people who have passed away. I’m still here and should be very grateful, for which I am.

  3. I wonder if we take time for granted. There was a time, no pun intended, when I worked full-time, took care of my kids, walked five times a week, made time for friends and writing. I don’t remember being so focused on time and how much I had or didn’t have. Not sure what happened. Now, I am in constant thought about how much time that I don’t have. So, time is what I have taken for granted.

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