Observations and Questions from a Single Girl

Observations and Questions from a Single Girl

I recently read Observations and Questions by a Single Guy and felt compelled to share some of my own observations based on his experiences and to offer another perspective. Let’s take a stab at the fi…

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2 thoughts on “Observations and Questions from a Single Girl

  1. I liked her thoughts on running from girls who expect the man to be responsible for her happiness. Of course, in a relationship we take responsibility to a great extent for our partner’s happiness but ultimately it’s up to us as individuals to ensure our own. As for her comment about instant gratification I agree completely. As someone who grew up before the Sesame Street phenomena where, if you didn’t enjoy something you knew it would change in a few seconds, I’m truly puzzled by those who expect their every wish to be instantly granted.

  2. If only 1 person is responsible for the success of the relationship / dating, it clearly calls for unnecessary dominance by the person who takes up the responsibility of ensuring that the relationship succeeds. It puts that person on the driver’s seat, while the other would only be a passenger going wherever the driver takes.. Again.. Just a perspective.. 🙂

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