47 thoughts on “Question of the Day – 11/9/16

  1. I think this whole process has affected my country (Canada) just as much as it has yours. An American web friend of mine wrote a few days ago “I am afraid that one of them will win.” I thought that very profound.

      1. You have reminded me of a great man, who I had the honour of knowing, who became the first independent to win a seat in parliament. I am going to use it for a blog post!

  2. I did my very best to avoid all things political over the course of the last few months, so I avoided a good deal of the stress of the whole process. Up until an hour or so ago, I wasn’t even aware of who it was that won. I don’t watch television or read the newspapers. There is a radio somewhere in the house, but I couldn’t tell you where, lol. I didn’t vote so it really didn’t and doesn’t matter to me who the winner is. Neither candidate is fit for the office and ultimately nothing will change for us. History has proven this time and time again.

      1. I have voted in past elections. As a general rule I don’t because our vote doesn’t matter. This election is proof of that fact. The popular vote went to Hillary but the electoral vote went to Trump! How is that possible? It is possible because our vote doesn’t count! A two party political system doesn’t work, never has and never will. The electoral college needs to be scrapped and go on popular vote only.

      2. If you go on only popular vote then the candidates would only focus on the heavily populated east coast and the larger cities in the west. If you look at state populations the density is in the urban areas. It is a proven statistical fact that popular vote would be horrible. After all, we are not a true democracy, but a republic.

      3. Yes and that is my point. The founders of this country wanted to ensure that we would not become the very thing we fled Europe to get away from. The 14 presidents prior to George went to great lengths to try to accomplish this. We even began on the premise that political parties caused division and that they would not happen here. We are not a true democracy nor are we a true republic. We are supposed to be a democracy within a republic. A place where everyone matters and everyone’s opinion counts, but decisions would be made by elected officials. I understand that the logistics of our new nation made campaigning difficult and this is why the electoral college was created. What saddens me is that we are a long way from the the America our founding fathers envisioned. Yes this is a great country, but we have slowly become the very thing our ancestors fled Europe to avoid. We have become a country of haves and have nots. A country where the the haves make the decisions that the rest of us must learn to live with it. The bottom line is that the system as it exists no longer works.
        Now I am sure the last thing you want to do is get involved in a political debate. I like you and respect you and will not be at all insulted if you would rather not continue this discussion.

      4. I don’t mind this discussion at all. I would argue though that what exists now is a far cry from what the founders had in mind, but I don’t believe they ever envisioned how large the country is now. The honest truth is the system is what it is and I will guarantee that it will not change in my lifetime.

  3. Yes, I’m very glad it is over, but considering what may yet come of it, I may wish for it back again. And, I might not be alone in that even if it had turned out the other way.

  4. YES. Not happy about the result, though. Gotta live with the reality presented. But, I really hope some cooperation and bipartisanship prevail. I have doubts. But one can hope, right?

  5. Yes and know I enjoy the aftermath and all the silly speculations, the false pre-election promises and all that jazz. Much ado about nothing. Everybody seems a professor of politics nowadays. The truth is that nobody can foretell what’s going to happen. Moreover like everything else presidents come and go.

      1. We live in the age where everybody is a professor or an expert in something just because they read or watch the media repeating like parrots what the media tells them. Basically this is the age of the illusion of knowledge.

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