31 thoughts on “Whodda Thunk It?

  1. A flabby, overweight, reckless, clumsy and clueless political heavyweight against a limp, ineffective, clueless female lightweight. It was an uneven boxing contest.

      1. She represented a dynasty. In the USA you have a problem with political dynasties. The Kennedys, Fords, Clintons and now the Trumps. It’s very bad and undemocratic. It’s amazing that out of 350 millions Americans the choice was between those two.

  2. It was an obvious result after Brexit. Similar to it I mean. I should have bet some money on the outcome. But then I can go in any casino or betting office and win as easy as eating a piece of cake. I have that unique ability, so I didn’t bother. Yet at a certain point nine to one for Trump to win was a very good price, as Brexit was at six to one at some point.. A very good double indeed. Lesson to be learnt: never bet on the favourites, they pay peanuts when they win and don’t always win

      1. Politics are basically a religion because like religion they are about power and control of the masses. Many people are tired of religion therefore they are tired of politicians too. Unfortunately many can’t live without either religion or politics because they need somebody to tell them what to do and someone to look up to.

      2. So true. In broadcasting those who claim to hate a particular host are the ones who drive the ratings. They say they hate, but cannot go without watching, listening or reading.

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