Wine Recommendation: Desert Hills Zinfandel 2012

Like wine? Here’s a recommendation on Moore To Say.

Moore to Say

I tried this Dessert Hills Zinfandel while I was touring Osoyoos wineries during the Oyster Festival (I know, oysters in a dessert…) a few weeks back. I was very impressed, enough that we brought a bottle home with us.

Screen Shot 2016-05-02 at 11.11.42 AMWe cracked it last night with a dinner of spicy prawns and lobster over quinoa and vegetables and a salad of baby kale, tomatoes and bocconcini cheese. It paired wonderfully.

Utilizing the Quini app we were able to rate the wine and record our thoughts.

We gave Desert Hills Zinfandel at total rating of 77. We found the wine to be bright with a full aroma of spice, caramel, dried figs and jam and a hint of nuts which we could not place. The mouth was medium bodied and resembled the noise with dried figs, black currants, some spiciness and again the unknown nutty flavour. Our only criticism was the finish…

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