Healthy Living Update – 11/12/16


For those who have followed me since the beginning you know that I once posted every week about my transition to a healthier lifestyle.  After a while I became bored with posting about health so I continued to live my lifestyle, but stopped posting.  Now I have been inspired to post each week about my progress as I aim to reach a new goal of 165 pounds.

Last week I weighed in at the doctor’s office at 185 pounds and set a goal for yesterday’s weigh-in at 183 lbs.  I am happy so say I recorded a weight of 181.6 lbs.  I did a good job of watching my calories, walking Bentley a couple of times at night and did not drink my calories.  Honestly I believe eliminating calorie drinks made a huge difference.  Needless to say I am thrilled!

So this week I am setting my goal at 180 lbs.  I understand that it is not the healthiest thing to lose a lot of weight each week so I will make sure I eat 2000 calories each day and drink plenty of water.  Plenty of calories will ensure my energy level stays high and remains consistent.

How is your healthy living going?  Nonexistent?  Remember you only have one body so try to take care of it!


23 thoughts on “Healthy Living Update – 11/12/16

  1. My health is excellent. In fact I’m much healthier than when I was younger. Mind you I take very good care of it. For me health is mind and body health, actually more mind than body. Nowadays people who look after their health pay too much attention to body health because they are concerned with their image and none or little to mind health. In the end they experience problems due to such imbalance.

  2. Well done and keep it up. I’m on it too and you actually made me start again and post about it. An update is overdue but at the moment I struggle a bit as number-wise nothing is moving right now. I seem to be stuck after having lost 3kg. The encouraging thing is that I am eating healthier, I am exercising even more and I actually lost 3 cm around my waist, about to hit 4cm… so something is happening although the numbers on the scale seem to not move. I’ll give it another week to the next post I write. Let’s see what will happen over the next couple of days 😉

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