41 thoughts on “Question of the Day – 11/12/16

      1. The song? Or the show? I’m assuming you mean the show from the 90’s. Although I don’t believe time travel is possible, I do love the scifi time travel shows.

      2. 1st century Judea, specifically 29 c.e. I am a amateur historian and would love to witness with my own eyes what was going on in the Jesus movement.

  1. Why should they want to visit our time?
    Or maybe timetravellers are those guys that tell us to take care of the planet, because they’ve seen what’s going to happen? I guess they’d be quite frustrated by us.

  2. Not necessarily, it might mean that they are smart and careful enough to keep it secret and to avoid the grand father paradox – unintended and unpredictable consequences of changing history.

  3. No it’s impossible. If it would be possible one could go back in the past and change things completely. It would upset the whole concept of time itself and it would be chaotic. There would also be different presents or pasts if they could be altered. Nobody would know what history would be. It’s just science fiction fantasy. My book The Lioness Pastry Cook does play with the dimension of time by going into the future and look at our age but not visiting our age. To me it makes more sense.

    1. The other aspect of this is the concept that time doesn’t actually exist except in our finite minds. Therefore, if time does not exist, or if our understanding of time is so limited, then attempting time travel is futile.

  4. If we could have been visited by people from the future Trump wouldn’t have won because they would have warned by them of all the problems that he will create. Mind you also Bush wouldn’t have been elected and there wouldn’t have been an endless war in the Middle East either.

      1. Some scientist theorize that all time exists at the same time, which is the basis for time travel so I’m not sure if the future could exist without the past.

      2. The likelihood of time travel being possible is pretty remote no matter the physics. I was just saying that theoretically, anything is possible. Now probable is a whole different story!

      3. yes I agree. In theory anything is possible. Imagine being the first person to attempt time travel? Huge risk as you could end up somewhere and get stranded or have something go terribly wrong in the transporting and end up dead. lol

      4. Yeah, there’s some pretty scary places in history I would never want to inadvertently end up in. And of course the unknown of the future would give most people pause (at least the smart ones!)

  5. Maybe they’re not there anymore? Or don’t care? Or maybe they realized that we need to learn our lesson by doing it… hopefully not destroying everything… Or they have realized that living in the moment rather than the past or the future is the key 😉

      1. I think it wouldn’t be a good thing to be able to travel in time. Imagine what would go wrong… We would influence so many things and in doing so probably creating more issues than avoiding…

      2. I don’t believe all time exists at the same moment which is what time travel requires. If time gone is gone then there is only the present moment.

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