A Quick MS Update

A Quick MS Update


A few of my blog friends have inquired about my life living with MS and how I have felt lately so I thought I would tell the world.  For those of you who are not aware I was diagnosed with MS in 2013, but have lived with the symptoms since 2007.

Life is good right now and I can say that my symptoms are manageable, but not absent.  It is a good thing that the brain gets accustomed to some of the pain.  My legs are still numb and burn daily.  My hands hurt and I still get the stinging flash pains in my joints.  I can say I am currently off of most of the meds while I try to deal with the pain through will power.

As most of you know I am no longer operating my business and have taken a job at a local newspaper as the digital specialist.  The job is going well and gives me the freedom to move a bit.  One of the most annoying things about my MS is I cannot sit for too long nor can I stand for too long so I am constantly moving or shifting to offset the discomfort.

For the most part life is going well for Evelina and I and I appreciate the emails inquiring about my health.  It does mean a lot to us to know that so many of my blog followers think about me and take the time to ask.  And for that I say a hearty THANK YOU!!



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  1. I wasn’t aware you have MS. I’m sorry to read that. I truly understand the numb/burning and dealing with not being able to sit or stand for very long. My younger son has called me a prairie dog because I’m always popping up and down. I was inspired by your blog for several reasons but I’m even more impressed now. And I’m praying for you.

  2. I didn’t know but I am glad you shared this post and I’m really pleased you are managing your symptoms, you must have a lot of will power. My heart goes out to you though it’s not an easy journey. Stay healthy and mobile, sending positive thoughts your way.

  3. Its takes a lot of strength, beyond what I can imagine, to write about your illness I am sure. I have a sister who suffers. I think emotionally it has dragged us through the coals, physically, I have nothing whatsoever to complain about. My sister on the other hand definitely does. The amazing thing about my sister is she doesn’t complain much, which is something I have noticed with the other people who suffer with this. Thank-you for talking for sharing this with us. The more we advocate the more money can be put towards the cure. I hate MS more than anything I can think of. It isn’t fair or kind. Stay strong, stay supported by those that love you and keep on talking about this I know that I will listen.

  4. I must say that for a person with MS you are incredibly active and stoic about it. Much more active and positive than people that are healthy. Very impressive.

  5. I wasn’t aware of that, Danny, but I send you my best. My sister in law has lived with MS for a long time, now, and she still lives a reasonably normal life. I hope that is true for you, too.

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