25 thoughts on “Question of the Day – 11/14/16

  1. Not certain it’s totally, 100% possible. We all have our likes and dislikes, which obviously skew our opinions. That said, I believe we are all capable and self-aware enough to not be an asshole and treat others with respect. But it’s like my father-in-law says, the world is full people not cursed with self awareness. After last Tuesday, I’m convinced he’s correct.

      1. Being aware of ones place amidst the rest of society. I realize it could mean finding out who you are, or some other metaphysical version. But, to me, being self-aware is how we relate to others. How we treat others and our behaviors. To me, someone who realizes that the world doesn’t revolve around them, that it’s not about just themselves, is self-aware. Just my opinion though.

      2. No need to qualify as there is no right or wrong answer. Plus, I like your definition. I also believe that a huge part of self-awareness is understanding you are not at the center of the universe. lol

    1. That seems like a reasonable approach. It makes sense that no one would become fully self-aware, because we are always changing therefore self-awareness must change with us.

  2. It’s possible to be self aware when one gets rid of all built-in biases and of all the conditioning and influences instilled or ingrained in the mind by society and of course of the biggest villains: media, marketing and propaganda of all kinds. This self awareness of course is very rare and difficult to achieve.

    1. You bring up a good point. Let me continue the thought…is it possible to become more self-aware while AND remain entrenched in the modern world? Or would it require one to disconnect from modernity?

  3. I think we have moments of clarity that allow for true self awareness…but they are fleeting. I think that once life gets moving around us our instinct to behave or think in a certain way takes over.

    Or another way of looking at this would be that…for example, I know that I’m stubborn. I can admit to being stubborn….but admitting to something and ”owning” it doesn’t make is acceptable behavior. I think that at times, people think that ‘owning’ something means that it’s then ok to behave that way. I’m sure of you asked those around you, they would disagree. 🙂

    That all said….we CAN decide to be self aware enough to change behavior if we want to. We just have to want to.

      1. It is. I try to be aware of myself to a fault sometimes. But it has a lot to do with being aware of how you are affecting others too. Or at least it is for me.

  4. I’m not sure if anyone can truly become totally self aware. I strive to get to know myself through others perceptions of me. I think they can be mistaken sometimes. I also try and keep in mind the old saying that the things that drive us crazy about other people are most likely the things that we ourselves are guilty of!

      1. It sometimes amazes me how much gets misunderstood! I find myself in conversations (sometimes leading to loud debates) where I realize that I’m having just as hard a time understanding the other person as they are of me.

      2. I only have one buddy I talk to about things I like to debate because he has taught me to be a better listener. That way I avoid dealing with what you have mentioned.

      3. I’m talking about exchanges with my husband! And I’m not talking about debating controversial issues. It may just be a male/female thing, but I think our vastly different upbringing contributes to our difficulty to connect sometimes.

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