Welcome Dream Big Partner: The Life Experiment!!

Welcome Dream Big Partner: The Life Experiment!!

I am pleased to welcome the latest blogger to become a Dream Big Partner: The Life Experiment Blog



Here is an excerpt from The Life Experiment About page:

“Firstly, Thank you for visiting my blog!A little bit about me: I am a female in her 30’s who has finally taken everyone’s advice. You know the advice…’You have to write a book or something…so many experiences!’. Ok, so this is a blog and it’s literally- all over the map. So maybe I didn’t listen so well😉After being bitten by the travel bug about 20 years ago, I have been traveling all over the world. There are 2 continents with which I have not yet visited, but they are on my bucket list. I’ve learned so much about cultures in the world, tried cuisine I could never imagine and failed miserably at linguistics, despite full immersion. I moved abroad in order to better feed my travel addiction more than a decade ago and my life has been more insane, chaotic and wonderful than I could have ever imagined! (Thank you to my loving family for encouraging me to do so.)

Throughout these many years, I came to realize that basically everything I was doing (trying) was really an experiment in one form or another. Seriously. The way I define experiment, is something that is tried in order to back up a hypothesis regarding the outcome OR to prove that a method is completely unreliable. I have done both😉 Repeatedly. Because I opened the door to a whole new world and walked through into an area unbeknownst to myself, nothing was and nothing is certain. Be it the newest face cream, diet, learning how to cook, testing the boundaries of comfort and fashion OR what kind of trouble I’ll manage myself into while abroad, cultural crash courses, or praying that my new – old farmhouse won’t come crashing down around my ears when I start some serious DIY home reno…This is the experiment called my life.

Let’s do this!



You will find The Life Experiment logo in my sidebar for easy access and on the Dream Big Partner’s page at the top of my web page so be sure to check out the page and tell her Danny sent you!


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