28 thoughts on “Question of the Day – 11/15/16

  1. Yes, I’ve travelled extensively when alone. Of course, that was in my younger days, pre marriage and kids. That said, as a loner by nature, I still don’t mind doing anything alone, including travel. But, these days I prefer to have my family with me.

  2. I spent 2 and a half months travelling across Canada alone and it was great, alone you do far more things than you would if you have someone else with you. The experiences are more acute because you only have yourself to rely on, it feels more like you’re living and being true to yourself.

      1. Unfortunately when I have traveled, it’s been with people who have ruined my peace, complaining the whole time. So I would love the experience of peace and wonder.

  3. I have traveled a lot, both alone and with company, and both have their advantages to me… Traveling with someone is nice because you come back with shared memories. Rough times are easier to get through, and you get much better pictures of yourself lol (I don’t master the art of selfies) But I prefer traveling alone. It forces you to challenge yourself everyday. You meet more people, try more things, and you can always change your plans in a flash… I like the idea of being the only one knowing exactly where I’ve been and what I’ve done 😛

  4. I Have traveled alone, but prefer the company of others. In my travels alone it was rough trying to stay awake, so having company can be helpful. One time that I did enjoy traveling alone was when I flew for the second time and had a kid free weekend to myself and got to be just me. Sometimes driving alone can ignite creative juices as a writer. Overall, though, I prefer the company of others.

  5. Yes, “back in the day”. I had no fear of driving alone and wouldn’t now, if I was able. Maybe it’s that German Shepard companion! Just kidding, no dog.😉

  6. I have actually never really traveled alone. I mean I took a plane from A to B by myself but then caught up with a friend or friends on the other side. Traveling by myself is actually something I often think I would do if I could do one thing differently. I would do one trip all by myself. But what I have not done so far can still be done one day, right? Although I’m pretty happy to travel with my 3 best buddies: my hubby and my kids.

      1. That’s very true. And it’s also a bit of a safety thing. Some places are simply better traveled in a group than alone. I guess it depends as well where you want to head.

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