Question of the Day – 11/16/16

Question of the Day – 11/16/16


imagesQuestion of the Day:

If you had to pick one person other than a family member to spend one month in a secluded mountain cabin, who would you pick?   (No television, no internet, no phone, no cell service.)   


54 thoughts on “Question of the Day – 11/16/16

    1. Interesting choice. My sister is graduating from Duke grad school soon and one of Obama’s cabinet members spoke to her grad school. He has served under several presidents and said that Barak Obama is by far the most intelligent President in recent history.

  1. I’d pick my best friend from high school. I think eventually I never get bored with her. We could talk for a month and keep going.

    With a famous person, I’d worry we might have little in common, or they’d get frustrated with my being a big slob! I’d go with the person I know could tolerate me for an entire moth!

  2. I deliberately moved 2,000 miles away from my family 20 years ago. Now that I’m back because of major health issues, I want to go back to that choice again. I MIGHT take my new niece because she’s 2 months old.

      1. Oh yes, sorry – NON-family! Well, I would never select a celebrity; they would require a whole month of education just to return to humanhood. I probably wouldn’t select a dude I suspected of wanting to bone me either. (Oh yes, I know without them telling me.) So…I can think of about 10 of my female friends who would be really good survivalists, and between the two of us, would fare pretty well besides our combined phobias. And I wouldn’t want to punch them in the throat.

  3. Either one of my friends here or one from back in Switzerland. They both are close friends and I know that we would get along well enough to stay there for a very long time without getting either bored or annoyed with each other. Funny actually how the two names just popped up in my head when I read your question…

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