3 Answers Every Blogger in the World Needs to Understand

3 Answers Every Blogger in the World Needs to Understand

blogexciteAre you interested in my thoughts on blogging and my answers to a few questions I was asked this past week?  Here are answers every blogger in the world needs to understand:

“Why does it seem that there are a lot of blogs with a couple thousand followers or less and then 10,000 followers or more?”

This past week I have received quite a few emails asking me about growing a blog and this particular question came up.  Apparently someone else has noticed this trend.  The truth is I’m not sure why this gap exists, but it has existed since I first started my blog in 2014.  I’ll be curious to read other’s opinions and thoughts on the matter.  I think part of it has to do with work ethic and devotion to craft.  Not to say the smaller blogs are not devoted.  What I mean is the larger blogs are ultra-devoted.  To put things in perspective, Jason over at Harsh Reality is a good friend of mine whom I met here on WordPress and someone I emulated as a map to blog success.  In addition to raising a family, maintaining a relationship with his wife and working full-time, Jason at one point worked his blog for 30-40++ hours each week.  Some call this crazy, but Jason had a goal for his blog.  I emulated his work ethic and while I worked tons of hours running my own business, I also devoted 30+ hours each week to my blog for nearly 18 months; during which I never took a day off.   Some people simply don’t have the time while others devote every waking moment to their page; Jason taught me to be the latter.


“How do I get more people to read my page?”

I continue to get this question, especially as new readers cycle through and even more as my numbers grow.  And I’m not sure if those who ask like my answer!  Growing a blog takes a lot of hard work, time networking and patience.  I am not sure what people expect, but blogging is a passion for some and it shows or it is not…and it shows.  Regardless, you are not going to go to bed one night with 200 followers and wake the next morning with 20,000; it simply does not happen.  Even in the rare instances when I have had a post go “viral” resulting in 5,000 views in a day, my follower number went virtually unaffected.  That is the nature of our game.   I will say this, if you are asking about growing your blog numbers yet are resistant to connecting and utilizing social media, then just quit now or stop trying to grow.  I will never understand those who say they want to grow, yet do nothing to connect with 1.7 billion daily Facebook users.

The simple truth is you must do for others what you want them to do for you.  If you want more people to read your page, then you must become a reader of pages.  If you want people to Follow your blog, then you must become a Follower of other blogs.  If you want more people to comment, then you must become a commenter on other’s pages.  I have said it before and I’ll say it till the die I can no longer peck at my keyboard-you will not get what you want from others if you are not willing to do for them first.  


“How do I get more non-WordPress readers?”

For this question I refer back to my previous comment.  In order to reach more people you must go where the people are: social media.  For dollars each day you can run Facebook ads promoting your page in order to get more followers; and the ads work!  Or, if you don’t want to pay you can work your page organically which takes more time.  Another great option is to network via Twitter which happens to be my personal favorite.  Getting followers for your blog on Twitter is much easier and faster.  I liken Facebook to a turtle and Twitter to a jack rabbit; Twitter grows your numbers faster, but Facebook drives your brand deeper.  I hope that makes sense.

The truth that many seem disinterested in hearing relates to the long hours and effort it takes to grow a blog.  You have to read a lot of blogs.  You have to comment on a lot of blogs.  You have to click Like on a lot of blogs.  You have to Follow a lot of blogs.  You must have a mindset of working your blog page.  If you make 1 or 2 posts per week and interact with no one, yet expect the waves of worshipers to pour in, then you are going to be disappointed.   I look forward to your thoughts and opinions on my answers to these questions.












189 thoughts on “3 Answers Every Blogger in the World Needs to Understand

  1. 110% agreed on all counts! As for the gap, I’ve noticed it too and I have a theory. It seems to me, that once a blog hits about 1500 subscribers, the rate of new followers/new posts increases drastically from the 1-2 per post, to 10-20. I assume that once a blog hits a certain amount of followers (say…5000?) that some how the pickup rate increases even more drastically, then eventually plateaus in the 10-20 thousand range, as views increase. But thats just a theory. Yet to be proven 😉

    1. It most certainly holds true with me. The correlation between posts per day and followers is a good observation. The reason I post more is I have people viewing throughout the day who do not necessarily look through their Reader and only click on certain emails. Therefore, I must have more posts available throughout the day to cater to the many different types of readers in many time zones.

  2. “The simple truth is you must do for others what you want them to do for you. If you want more people to read your page, then you must become a reader of pages. If you want people to Follow your blog, then you must become a Follower of other blogs. If you want more people to comment, then you must become a commenter on other’s pages. I have said it before and I’ll say it till the die I can no longer peck at my keyboard-you will not get what you want from others if you are not willing to do for them first. ” Love this Dray!

    1. I have been approached to speak at a blog convention next year and this will be the topic. Bloggers are like ‘screaming me-me’s’ sometimes. Me Me Me Me Me. But so few are willing to do for others first. Every huge blog I know has used this principle.

      1. I’ll get you the name and send the link. Officially it is a multi-media conference, but seeing that blogging is such a large part of businesses online presence these days they were interested in having a blogger speak. I actually connected with them through my public speaking with the National MS Society.

      1. Of course for you, Danny. As a small blogger, I can confirm one gets out of networking what one puts into it. Before the last move I spent hours daily interacting with other bloggers on Wp (now I have very limited internet access), I’m on Fb but my profile there is private (changing that soon) and I’m not on Twitter – yet.

      2. So it relates back to time invested. Another blogger brought to my attention that they follow a lot of blogs in the medium size range. What is your experience?

      3. The Blogging Community has been a mainstream of inspiration and support from the start, so staying connected is a high priority regardless of stats. I watched classmates’ stats from Blogging U soar Even so I
        recently changed my approach to writing and redirected more time toward manuscripts. I mostly consider a blog’s stats when deliberating how to improve mine.
        I divide my blogging time to following 100 blogs and refresh the list regularly as my time allows, primarily discering content/subject matter, readability and writing style first.

  3. You are absolutely right! I am a small blog but I am not a niche blog so I understand that I will have a small following and that’s ok! I don’t post very often because…well, life! Right now I have been trying to figure out what went wrong with my networking connection on my computer so I am unable to post as much as I’d like to. I don’t really like posting from my phone.

    1. I love your self-awareness. Some bloggers think that they are “less-than” if they don’t have a huge following and that simply is not true. Know who you are and be okay with that. 🙂

  4. Yes this is so true.. I was naieve when I started my blog earlier this year and it’s taken so much more time than I thought but during that time I’ve also connected with some fabulous ‘blogging friends’ which has truly opened up a whole new world.. Thanks for sharing your story which is very inspiring! x

  5. Yea I have only been here three months.. and I was blessed to read one of Jason blogs.. and I knew he was a guy I could learn from.. I know it’s going to take time but I’m committed to the cause.. Thank you as well..

  6. Only hard work will give you the results you long for. If you do not communicate with others, how the heck will they know you exist. I try to do at least 1-2+ hours interaction per day. Not always possible, but thats the goal I have and do my best to maintain it. I can already see the benefit of doing this. Thanks

  7. I agree with you Danny. It demands a lot of time to grow your blog and we need to be willing to read, like and follow other blogs as well. To post several times daily and also to be more personal sometimes, which I clearly see the result of at my own blog.
    I create both jewelry and accessories in two different branches and need to remember the personal posts too, which has helped me to grow my blog.
    You ask for blogs with followers between few thousands and 10.000 and I work there now and I will say, hard work helps to grow.

    1. Irene, I appreciate you taking a few moments to leave me your thoughts. My pondering is why there seem to be a lot of blogs with 1000 followers or fewer and then 10,000 and higher, but not a lot of blogs with followers between 2,000-9,000. Why do you think that is?

  8. This is so timely! I’ve also learned so much from following Jason and am thrilled when we connect over a laugh or two. I always thought the domain site had something to do with the disparity (ie: .com vs. wordpress.com) but my missing link is another social media platform, my goal is to start tweeting out my posts in the near future! I’m so glad I stopped by, you’ve given me lots to think about.

    1. Jason is a great guy and has taught me a lot. As for the social media, I believe it is essential to my growth. I spend a lot of time interacting with others and social media makes that so much easier.

    1. Thank you Rob. Jason really took me under his wing and helped me tons! His friendship has meant the world to me. And then of course the other side of blogging is being able to meet other bloggers like yourself and exchange ideas, debate and generally appreciate what the other person has to offer.

      1. I often feel like the odd man out.

        I want to put in the hours that you and Jason do but that kind of consistency is not yet part of my reality.

        But I very much agree with the work ethic and encourage everyone who wants to do this as a professional to read, learn, reach out, re-blog and give your blog the best you’ve got as consistently as possible.

      2. The professional bloggers I know work so hard at it. I enjoy it being a hobby and feel that blogging for a living would take away many of the things I enjoy so much.

      3. I would like to make some money to replace some of the income I lost when I became ill. I want to eventually market my art work. My health is much better now than it was when I first started blogging; so I hope to achieve the kind of consistency that will allow me to make a small side income.

      4. It is possible, but it takes having someone design for you a website which has ecommerce and indexes properly for search engines. I know several artists who use Facebook ads to push potential customers to their website also.

      5. I was beginning to experiment with Facebook ads when they blocked my ads account for inexplicable reasons. The post that got me blocked was an interview with Kitt O’Malley. I’ve yet to get a reply to my help request.

        ..I may make a blog specific to my artwork…I think it’s difficult to use a blog for personal views to sell a product…

      6. yes, it is very difficult to use a blog to sell. I am in marketing so a lot of this is in my wheelhouse. Blogs are a great tool for SEO, but not the most effective for sales. Facebook ads are inexpensive and effective when done the right way. FB requires ads be 80% visual and less 20% text so art work does very well.

  9. Reblogged this on HarsH ReaLiTy and commented:
    Danny wrote the post I was going to write last week… so I’ll just link to his. Because I’m lazy. Here is how to become a great blogger like he is!
    Note: Comments disabled here. Please visit their blog.

      1. Ole Gary gets everybody in trouble. I made the mistake of expressing a political opinion and had 7 emails cussing me out! I just laughed and laughed.

  10. Reblogged this on Pearls Before Swine and commented:
    Great tips on growing a blog before you dig in for the weekend: Post Quote:

    “You have to read a lot of blogs. You have to comment on a lot of blogs. You have to click Like on a lot of blogs. You have to Follow a lot of blogs. You must have a mindset of working your blog page. If you make 1 or 2 posts per week and interact with no one, yet expect the waves of worshipers to pour in, then you are going to be disappointed.”

  11. Thanks for sharing Danny….you are a man of love. I will certainly follow your advice and I also agree with you 100% that we should interact with others if want the same from them. Thanks again!!!

    1. It is all about what you want. I appreciate every blog as it lets me meet new people and understand their world and their views. That is what makes blogging so interesting, imho. 😁

      1. I am following you now. I love the quote you place at the end of your posts. It is credited as unknown, but have you had any success if finding who might have said it?

      2. Thanks so much! I remember googling it few months back and it said unknown. I googled again now just to double check and I see the same quote on an image and it says -Randall M. Core. I will definitely do more research on him and give credit where it is due ☺️

      3. I was just curious because of love the quote, not because of being critical for not citing. I hope my comment didn’t come across the wrong way. I am looking forward to reading more of your posts!

      4. No, I didn’t take it wrong at all! I have been wondering who the heck wrote such a beautiful quote as, well but could not find a name! Haha. I’m glad you asked because now I may have found the person responsible for it. The quote reflects my inner being so much! I think it’s perfect :). Thanks again for the follow and hope you enjoy my other posts.

      5. Very true! I was actually speaking to my husband about that earlier! I feel like people never know when I’m joking via text or chat and then they get annoyed lol. Things definitely can get lost in translation!

  12. I often wonder when I see posts with 300+ likes and comments etc. how they are doing it. I follow lots of sites, read posts, like them, make comments, engage with my followers and I am growing but I average about 25-30 likes per post. I do post daily. I would love to have a post that garnered 300+ likes. And the thing is their post is good but it’s not phenomenal or amazing and yet more than 300 people like it. I enjoy what I’m posting and I feel my small world is enjoying it too!! Thanks for the info, I do most of what you speak of, I haven’t paid for ads on Facebook yet but I’ve considered it. Good luck to everyone, may your blogging worlds continue to grow and prosper!! 🙂

    1. Hi Deb! I agree with your assessment that you produce content that people like, or should I say I enjoy reading your posts. Getting lots of Likes is a relative thing. One thing you can do is recycle your posts throughout the day as I do. What this does is keeps the post from getting “buried” in Reader and puts more eyes on it. I usually recycle every post 2-3 times per day.

      1. Oh okay, I didn’t want to seem pushy but if that’s an accepted practice then I’ll be sure to do that!! Thanks Danny I appreciate your help. ☺

      2. I don’t think it’s being pushy at all. If I post something at 8 am est, then by the time some of my readers get home and look at Reader, there could be 100 posts ahead of mine, thus they don’t see it unless they are looking for it. Therefore I will edit the publishing time a few minutes ahead of the current time which will change the Update button to Schedule.

      3. Perfect! Right now I post at 4 am, what do you think about posting again say at 11am and then again at around 8pm…that seems like a good spread of time?

      4. I will warn you to be careful to not change the dates of your posts because any Links or reblog links will be broken and that causes a huge mess.

    2. Deb, it has to do with the “base” that you create. So if a blogger has 20,000 subscribers they can learn to generate a couple hundred likes per post. The higher the subscriber the easier it is.

      That being said, I know tons of GREAT bloggers with less than 10,000 subscribers, but who have almost every single person comment on every single post. That is a true following and what we all aim for actually. It is a “build” regardless where you are in your blogging. Good luck!

      1. Wow so it takes that many subscribers to create 300+ likes…I did not realize that. But you know you are right and make such a great point, to have a true following is much more meaningful and I believe that is what I have. The same friends come by every day to leave a comment and I love that they do!! Thank you OM, that really put things into perspective for me. I am grateful to you for that!! Good luck to you too!!! 🙂

      2. I agree completely. OM has actually brought out the most important point that we all become the same base. I use the word community, which is what I learned to focus on through OM’s practices. He taught me to focus on building a collective group of people not worrying about my own numbers. Once you have the “base” built then we all feed each other and get fed. Community is the ultimate goal and the community should come first before individual needs. Probably the only time I sound like a socialist!! lmao.

      3. LOL!! You both are so right! I love my regular followers and the comments that we go back and forth with everyday. I have realized some wonderful friendships and they do mean more to me than my numbers. Thank you both for shedding light and reminding me what really matters!! Happy Thanksgiving!! I’m thankful for our community here!! 🙂 xo

  13. I’m often surprised how people believe things just simply happen. I do like the idea that the universe will provide you with what you need but it seems as if some people think that this automatically means you don’t need to work hard for it. It’s the chances we get presented. Then we need to make something out of it. We need to put effort in. Work, family, life, everywhere.

  14. you mean things just don’t happen??? nice post and very informative. I aspire to some day have over 1,000 followers but I’m very appreciative with who follows me now.

  15. As always, an interesting and informative post. I’m in that 1 to 2 blogs per week category and I’m not even sure how I would go about checking stats, having never done so. I write whatever is on my mind at a given moment and if some one reads it, great, if they comment even better because I will then have the opportunity to explore their thoughts as well. I follow a number of blogs (not quite sure how many) and always comment when the subject is engaging. I guess what I am saying is that blogging is not a mission or a quest for me, it’s an emotional relief valve, and a welcome one at that. It serves the same function as a diary or journal but with the added benefit that someone else might have thoughts on the same subject and share them. I applaud you folks with the gazillion followers and am happy to be one in that number, following you, but the drummer I hear is playing slightly off-key.

    1. Thank you for taking a few moments to leave your thoughts. The key to what you have said is that you know your Why for your blog. You fully understand your own personal mission which is to emotionally purge yourself; and then if someone else engages that is a bonus. I try to convince people to understand their Why as you do. It is important.

  16. These are pretty much the rules for life. You get out of it what you put into it. You can’t expect things to “just happen”. You need to make them happen. Thanks for stating this so clearly 🙂

  17. I have been blogging actively for over a year and I think I may have 100 followers? And every time I publish a new post that number usually drops by 1 or 2! lol But that is okay. When you have an anxiety blog you are never going to be the cup of tea everybody wants to unwind with on a regular basis. I actually enjoy the “likes” I get more than the subscribers although I am grateful for all of it. Its always nice to see when somebody popped by. But I know even a lot of the likes are not people who actually read the posts… its just the tit for tat thing, but some people do read the posts and comment and I appreciate every one. 🙂

      1. True. I went through her page and don’t see posts that I see would cause anyone to leave. Even at that, posts that are controversial usually attract more versus run people off. Or at least that’s my experience.

  18. That is great advice. I have found a number of blogs to follow through Harsh Reality’s reblogging; & I try & then reblog & tweet blogs that I like to my followers, as well.

  19. I like your explanation of how to get more followers, I’ve heard this before but you put a different spin on it. It didn’t sounds like it was copied from some random website. And I haven’t even thought about how to expand outside of WordPress yet, thanks for the tips!

    1. Hey, thanks for watching! I try to come up with things that I did that I think will help. Although, I will admit it is difficult coming up with original ideas about blogging! lol

  20. I’m a new blogger and it’s interesting reading people’s advice. I thought I just had to write my thoughts, publish, and people would use google and find my articles. I didn’t realize how difficult it is. So big shout out to everyone who put in the hard work and created a successful blog.

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