Why You Should Never Ever Listen to Naysayers

Do you believe anything you have desire for can come to fruition in your life?  I ask this because I know there are millions of people who do not believe this principle.  I have said over and over that if you can believe it in your soul, envision it in your mind, then you can make your desire a tangible thing in the real world.  The issue is many don’t have true desire and most don’t have the mental fortitude to see things through to the end.

I want to share an impossible story with you I found on USA Today which demonstrates why you should never ever listen to naysayers:

Image result for joe thomas sr

credit: Fox Sports


Joe Thomas Sr, 55, became the oldest Division I football player to take the field when he took a hand-off and ran for three yards on Saturday afternoon.

Joe Thomas Sr. made college football history by appearing as a running back for South Carolina State.

Thomas at the age of 55 is believed to be the oldest player to participate in a Division I football game. The father of Green Bay Packers linebacker Joe Thomas Jr.,  practiced with the team with his son and then stayed on the past two seasons with the hope of find his way into a game.

His dream was realized in the first quarter on senior day against Savannah State when he carried for three yards.

Do you think Thomas Sr. had people in his life, in his own family, telling him this was a crazy idea?  Of course he did, but he listened to himself and ignored those who told him his dream was “impossible.”  You should stop listening to naysayers as well; they are holding you back.

Don’t tell me dreams can’t come true.


14 thoughts on “Why You Should Never Ever Listen to Naysayers

  1. I’m reminded of how when I was a preschooler (more than 60 years ago! whew!) I could fly if I extended my arms like wings, ran into the wind, and hopped up. Then someone told me little boys can’t fly. From then on, I couldn’t!

    I agree that one shouldn’t listen to naysayers because they do destroy dreams, crush the possible if unlikely. It took me decades to understand this.

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