31 thoughts on “Let Me Ask You a Question – 11/23/16

      1. haha ok, well I’ll try to say it in happy bunny language so you won’t get nightmares… hihi. I was a kid (7 maybe) and it was winter, at 4pm it was already dark outside and I had to cycle home alone on my cool BMX, then suddenly a “rabbit” went chasing me and screaming all sorts of “happy” things. I pooped 6 different colours in my pants and started cycling with my life on the line. I have never been so afraid, I actually told this story to my parents when I was already in high school yeaaars later lol 🙂

      2. exactly these things can be very traumatising, the boy that chased me at that time was a bit older then me and actually threatened me :/ I can still hear myself breathing as I cycle 100 miles an hour hehe. On the other side all kids in lower school here (5-6 year old) are getting traumatised too because of a “kids” show haha, try googling “Karbonkel”, this is what we kids get to see lol every single kid has nightmares, guess they prepare us for the real world at a young age hahaha.

  1. Ok,not scary scary but scary enough for me, I was like 6 downtown Washington DC sub going up oh about 10 flights of escalators I would not get on and my had my baby sister to carry too so a nice gentleman carried me up. Yes I’m that deathly scared of heights.

  2. Yep. Watching my then 11 year old daughter be viciously attacked by our two cats. I can still hear the terror in her voice. She had over 60 scratches and gashes in her legs some of which had to be sewn up. We couldn’t sleep for a couple of weeks. The cats were placed in a new home.

  3. when i was school , my sister used to go with me school on my scooty.. as she was my sister, i asked to her “should i cross the highway or no?” everytime she used to give right call, didnt know what happened that day, she said go and shit happened after 5 seconds .. a fast car collided with scooter n both of us were on road and all people were blaming car driver for high speed. i didnt know what to react and i ran away with my sister and scooter was still on highway.. fortunately nobody got serious injury, but yeah now i have mirror on my bike and i never allow my sister to sit on it .thanks for reminding me my childhood, scary childhood

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