Making Magic with Art

I love creative people and the art on Second Wind Leisure Perspectives is so awesome! This community approach to art is so cool.

Second Wind Leisure Perspectives

Traveling this week for the Thanksgiving holidays found us in my cousin’s house near Portland, Oregon. Many of us California family members visit every couple of years to the Pacific Northwest for some family holiday time.

A former teacher, my cousin is now an elementary school vice-principal and has always had a soft spot for the arts. Her home is full of her children’s painting and drawings, as well as her own, her husband’s and other family members’ creations.

One way she fosters this love of painting in others is to provide creative opportunities while family is visiting during the holidays. She brings out the acrylics, brushes, blank canvas and other goodies and challenges, urges, encourages us all to paint something.

Sunday she provided a 3-foot by 3-foot blank canvas.

blank canvas

It sat blank for a couple of hours until her sister painted a jellyfish in the corner.

jellyfish The start of…

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