24 thoughts on “This Is True

    1. Every angle sees things from different world-views. Then through in culture, up-bringing, economic factors, religous factors, ignorance…no wonder there is so much misunderstanding. It’s actually a miracle that we haven’t managed to kill of the human race.

  1. It is hard reality. Someone sees it as round another sees it as straight. Disagreement, argument, angry, disappointment… all the emotions are evoked just because of different perspective. It even ruins relationship! What a clever way to illustrate! Thank you!

  2. This reminds me of the baby toy where there are several shapes and holes in the base to match. They try hard to put the round piece into the square hole and get frustrated because it won’t go. You go and turn the base slightly for them and they see the proper hole and are so pleased with themselves. It is hard to see the truth if you are looking in the wrong direction.

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