Cheese Thief

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The Epicurious Texan

Did you know that labradors are never used as taste-test dogs?  That is because they will eat anything with the same amount of gusto:  good food, bad food, cookies, carrots, remote controls, whatever. Being true to the labrador lifestyle, Addy will eat just about anything (thankfully I curbed her non-food eating habits early on in life), but if it’s food–or anything vaguely resembling food (cough cough**Vaseline**cough cough)–Addy thinks it is fair game.

Being a svelte 83 pounds, Addy does not do sneaky or graceful well…unless food is involved.  When sneaking food is on the day’s agenda, my beloved pupcicle could teach ninjas a thing or two about stealth.

Picture it:  Ann (aka roommate) is working upstairs and has a nice plate of ham, cheese, and crackers for snacks.  She has one eye on her work and one eye on her plate because she knows not to leave the snack…

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One thought on “Cheese Thief

  1. LOL! I’m reminded of the time my childhood dog, Peanuts, found cupcakes on the kitchen table. Whatever special occasion they were for, they quickly ended up in the trash after Peanuts licked the butter frosting off each and every one! I guess the cupcakes weren’t in a flavor he liked, though, because like your pooch, he usually ate his food in gulps, not small bites.


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