I’m Hungry! Let’s Eat!

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Let's Eat

Have you ever been Hongry?! I don’t mean hungry…I mean HONGRY?! (Yes, I meant to spell it like that lol). Well, earlier in the week I was in the middle of working on a project when my stomach decided to inform me that I was ignoring it. So it started growling as if it was angry. I was thankful no one was around because I would have had to excuse myself out of sheer embarrassment of the noises being made. Every second, my stomach got louder, my head started to hurt, and I felt a sharp pain in my side as if my body wanted to verbally scream, “Get UP! FEED ME!”

I think we have all experienced this to some degree. We don’t intentionally prolong our hunger, but it gets to the point where we get desperate for food and we will eat anything that cross our face to…

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