Rearview Mirror

Great perspective on Aria-Bella Rises!

Aria-Bella Rises


Spider showed me today about the joys and need for looking in your rearview mirror.

It is so important to see where you have come from, how far you have come, what you have done.

We get so caught up in chasing the next thing, not being happy where we are at, needing to know what is coming – that we forget the simple pleasure and need to see just where we have come from.

It is not an exercise in beating ourselves up, if you have only come a tiptoe forward, that is okay. If it has been a side shuffle kind of time lately, that is also okay. If you have come forward in leaps and bounds, that is so okay as well!

Having a check back in with yourself can be really handy to see that actually you have done more than you thought, you have managed…

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