Who am I…where am I going?

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This afternoon I laid down and meditated for awhile on God’s purpose for my life, and where he is leading me.

God has a purpose for everyone.  We’re at our happiest when we submit to his will and not to our own.   I’ve learned this truth the hard way, after many years of insisting on having my own way and always failing miserably, or finding out that what I thought I wanted  wasn’t what I wanted at all.

I’m still not living the life I want to live, because I’m still grappling with the bad choices I made (and the bad choices that were made for me).  I also never took risks before.  I lived inside my comfort zone, which wasn’t very comfortable, but it was all I knew.

Last week, I did a few things that were outside my comfort zone.    I took a week off of…

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2 thoughts on “Who am I…where am I going?

  1. This resonates in my life. I read every word like you were speaking directly to me.

    Yesterday i took a bold step to walk away from the people who dragged me down. It was was a tough choice to make because i really cared for them.

    I forgave them, and forgave myself for enabling them and for the first time in so long i had a good night sleep.

    Thank you so much for sharing!

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