Drown out the negativity by saying yes

Oaktown Vibes always has great personal development messages!!

Genius Unbound

Sometimes the worst place to be is in your own head. Growing up in a society that has instilled in us a belief that statistics has anything to do with our success can kill the very idea that will transform the world. Our own thoughts can be more destructive than any failure and more than anything any naysayer can possibly shape their mouths to say.

Before anyone else believes in us, we have to first believe in ourselves and that we can actually make a difference. These goals and desires we have are given to us for a reason, so that the world may be a better place as a result of us living our lives naturally and freely. Each person has a unique function and something to contribute to assist the world in forward progress. Limiting yourself with destructive beliefs is not only damaging to you but to this world.

Even if…

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