Oops, I Forgot A Title!

This is Being Lydia!!

Being Lydia!

It has been over a week since I posted anything here.

“Why?” You ask.

The answer is simple and complicated at the same time.

Simple – I haven’t had the energy to sit and pull the ideas out of my brain and into the computer.

Complicated – I have been trying to work on my advocacy site and not getting anywhere with it. That combined with the fact that since I had to stop my premium WP package and my domain name changed I have lost viewers, I feel like I am back where I started two years ago.

I started a few posts, tried to catch up reading blogs I follow but just could not get back into the blogging groove. Migraines and cold/flu symptoms have not helped. Add to that a personal matter that ripped me to the core and challenged my faith and I just had no…

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One thought on “Oops, I Forgot A Title!

  1. Sometimes we need a break from even the most enjoyable activities in order to recharge out energy and creativity. This is what the mind and also the body tells us. If we listen and take a break we eventually return with renewed energies and ideas.

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