Simple Things…..

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Who's My Favorite Today?

Who remembers these days?  When a simple cardboard box was an adventure?  When all you needed was your imagination to create new worlds and have a great time?  Having our third child “late in life” has reintroduced me to that kind of magic again.

Of course she is a digital native, so pulling her away from a screen must be done.  However, when we “unplug” and play with simple things, or take a walk, that’s when we really have a good time together.  Playing with dolls/barbies, reading books, drawing, blowing bubbles, outdoor chalk – these are the things she will remember later in life.  She will not remember me sitting down and watching shows with her, or playing on the iPad.  She will remember the times when I truly focused on her.

In keeping with this theme, I think that for Christmas we should give Kate a series of large…

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