Nevada Adventures

This is Maria Jansson Photography!!

Mustangs From Lockwood Nevada Wood Print featuring the photograph 41. Lockwood Mustangs by Maria Jansson

I never get tired of looking at wild horses. It gets my adrenaline pumping every time. Even the most serene, quiet poses of wild horses grazing gets me really excited. I’m trying to share the experience with you through my photos, because it really means something to me.

I have a birthday coming up later this week, and I’m going to spend my birthday weekend photographing wild horses. That is, if I can find them. I know of many places where they possibly could be, but after all they are wild, so you never know. Either way, I am really excited!!

The photo in today’s post is a wood print on maple tree, featuring a beautiful mustang family rounded up in Lockwood (10 miles East of Reno,) by the Nevada Department of Agriculture, in the fall of 2013. They wandered around on local highways, and had to be rescued for…

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3 thoughts on “Nevada Adventures

  1. Thank you for the reblog Danny! I appreciate it 🙂 We had a very successful trip to Nevada this weekend. I lost count on how many bands of wild horses we saw. It was amazing!! Looking forward to share it with you as soon as I had some time to go through my photos.

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