Why You Should Never, Ever Settle For Less

Why You Should Never, Ever Settle For Less

1903photo-small.jpgAs I walked Bentley the other night I saw a lot of airplanes in the sky and I thought to myself how busy the airport must be on a Friday night. That got me to thinking about how far air travel has come in the last 40 years and the fact that the early flight visionaries were told air travel would never become common place. After all it is simply not practical. Ford was told he would never invent the 8 cylinder engine. Some said we would never travel to space.

We are surrounded by things which are common, everyday occurrences to us that at some time in the past were considered inconceivable. They are proof to me that I can expect more from myself and I can expect more for my life than others expect for themselves. Jobs was told he was foolish to invest so much into a mobile phone, after all, “who’s gonna carry a phone with them every where they go?”

 “No one is gonna drink bottled water when you can get it free from the tap.”

“Who in their right mind is gonna drive to swamp land in the middle of Florida to ride carnival rides?”

Visionaries see things differently. They don’t see the obstacles and they don’t listen to the naysayers. They dream big dreams and live big lives free of the finiteness of the human mind. They see a different reality and they believe in that reality before they can actually touch and feel it.  They are proof that you should never, ever settle for less.

I choose to give my energy to the reality I design for myself. I choose to stick to my vision of what I want not based on the limited vision of others and their expectations of me.

Why settle for less-than when you can set your eyes on achieving greatness?


33 thoughts on “Why You Should Never, Ever Settle For Less

    1. I think it might be much simpler than any of us think. I am beginning to see that visionaries don’t allow themselves to “grow up.” What I mean by that is they keep the creative self alive whereas most people give in to becoming an adult. At that time they quit believing.

    1. I was lost for many years, but I kept hope and believed that one day I would find my stride. It took 40 years but I think I am getting it figured out a little. I just kept working on my habits and doing what I could to put myself in the right situations.

      1. That’s really good advice! I feel like that sometimes but I just somehow keep going. I think it’s just part of life to feel lost at times.

  1. Inspiring and very true. My mom has been telling me this since I was a teenager going off to college: never settle. Every time I’ve gone against that advice to be “reasonable” or to not be “shallow” I’ve paid hell for it. Momma knows best!

  2. I get to interview pro football players as part of a part-time gig. They’re able to turn off the noise of expectation and limitation. They say “one game at a time,” and they mean it. There’s a lot of clarity in that – and so much in your words here today.

    1. Professional athletes are amazing when it comes to blocking out the naysayers and focusing only on the job at hand. I admire their tenacity. Cool part-time gig you have!!

  3. Before I read this, I just posted a similar topic. I don’t understand why people let others influence them negatively, then end up dropping their vision. It’s mind-boggling to say the least! I for one will always strive for excellence, and that, I will do. Great post!

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