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  1. Procrastination is something that I still need to change as it effects much in life. The biggest thing that I need to change in my life is fear and getting healthy. I am reluctant because I don’t know how to remove fear from my life. It’s not that I’m so reluctant to get healthy, I just lack motivation at times due to the business of my life and my depression. I know that I need to quit a bad habit and lose some weight, especially, if I want to live a long life and fit into my wedding dress next October, but it is hard. I know that I need to try, even if it is baby steps every day. I also need to look more into finding paid book reviewing jobs. I have found that I enjoy reading and reviewing books, but need to make some money off of it from time to time. I would also like to look into an editing assistant job to help new writers. These are the things that I need to change, but one last thought. I realized that I have been reluctant to work on forgiving others and seeing others through Jesus’s eyes. Why? Again, it is due to a lack of knowledge and fear.
    Thanks posting this. Very deep and productive questions.

  2. When I need a change I do it, but with clients I find they can delay due to fear, time,courage and even laziness !! There are many reasons, some people cannot just decide which choice to make to enable the change.

      1. I am doing great. Thanksgiving was a bit of a planned setback but not too bad. It is a matter of logging my intake, watching the junk food calories and drinking plenty of water.

  3. I am putting off a difficult discussion with someone about a professional relationship. If the conversation goes badly I will have to end the relationship. But to clear up a misunderstanding I must bring up the difficult topic and see what happens. I must pluck up my courage!

  4. Not really. Everything is fine as it is. If there is a problem I always tackle it head on and keep doing till I find a solution. The last thing that I had to change was to learn how to say no to people instead of trying my best to do them favours or go out of my way to help them or satisfy their requests. More or less now I can do it because I realized that most people are only after their own interests and I must say that now life is much easier.

  5. I have been putting off working on my glucose numbers. I simply hate food that is good for me and I detest cooking besides the pain it causes me to cook.

      1. I read a book called The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg and decided to take back control of my life. Also, I admitted to myself that most of my procrastinating was me being lazy. My first step was to make the bed first thing in the morning no matter what.

  6. I must be more social. I told one of my best friends, who I have known for over 15 years that I’m an introvert. She didn’t believe it, but I have an almost crippling fear of having to talk to people face to face. I’ve learnt to shove it down deep and put on my confident and carefree face, but deep down I’m cowering in a corner. It’s one of those things that I have to address, but that I really would prefer not to.

  7. Absolutely. I’ve started taking medicine to control my blood sugar. I know that with diet and exercise I can probably stop taking it. Between my work schedule and writing schedule, there aren’t enough hours in the day and I am not a big fan of exercise as it aggravates my bad back. Whine, whine whine…I know. I need a kick in the butt.

  8. Organization and procrastination,are the bane of my existence. I plan better but there are always numerous unseen hurdles that get in the way of the plan. And I need to create a better process for those distractions as well. It’s usually simple things like checking the weather the night before, planning breakfast, or forgeting how much fare I have on my MetroCard.

  9. Yes! I’m lazy sometimes, especially when it has to do with exercise. I need to loose around ten pounds and after thanksgiving it is a must. I have to recover that rhythm of loving to do some push-ups or just running. I’m like trE at this moment.

  10. sometimes it’s a question of it doesn’t depend on us 100%! I ought to move because I live in hell and my health problems are getting better due to neighbours; 1st I can’t perform miracles and get a buyer for my flat, 2nd we are both unemployed so it’s difficult to rent a house… well I guess some of us just don’t have a choice, not right away and easy

      1. well I’m pessimist about it but after New Year I’ll make sure that things change, now if they are going to get better or worse I do not know but I have to try because this is no way of living.

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