Discover Your Purpose

This is Two Are Better Than One!!

2 R Better Than 1

Good morning, friends! I spent last evening in reflection. The day began with an answered prayer — encouragement to continue doing what I’m doing with this blog. As I grow stronger in my faith, it’s because God is drawing me closer to him. In every struggle, I feel him there with me urging me to press on. In every triumph over the enemy, I feel his warm embrace.

That answered prayer yesterday led to a message about one’s purpose at my church. My devotional this morning was all about finding out why you were born. To paraphrase, the author said that two of the best days of one’s life is the day you are born and the day you discover why you were born. I must agree with that author. Once you have that little bit of intel, you simply cannot continue running wild. Many are still running…

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3 thoughts on “Discover Your Purpose

  1. Oh, I crash landed here, my only purpose is to survive a hostile, violent world. I’m wondering why anyone would want to continue surviving here, it’s getting meaner and even more violent. Sigh, purpose, right now, tbh, is overrated and irrelevant. Yet, I do love your optimism, I used to have that, and would like to find a world where that’s real to me again.

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