102 thoughts on “Let Me Ask You A Question – 12/6/16

  1. Id like a surprise visit from our four children and their husbands wives and girlfriends and the four grand children. We are five hours from them and rarely get to be together. Why because it would be a great way to celebrate Christmas.

    1. I think the one cultural change for the negative is families spending less time together. maybe we should adopt the “compound” family tradition. Everyone stays together and continues to build the house bigger and bigger. lol

      1. Recently my mother informed me that she should live with us… *gulp* “you are fit and healthy, in secure comfortable housing and you have spent my lifetime telling me how you didn’t want or like me”… *trembles* naahh! As I Say there is always one. X

      2. We will eventually move Evelina’s parents in with us, but when we do we will buy a large piece of land and build an in-law suite for them with their own access to come and go.

      3. I am not familiar with how things work in the U.K. If that is the case I think that is unfortunate. Then again, if families don’t get along well then maybe living so close isn’t the best option for everyone? lol

  2. Besides having my family and fiancé’s family all together for the holidays, besides an end to the hate and violence in our country, well, I guess that I would like this book that my daughter has. There is a question for each day of the year. Sometimes it can spark creativity, other ones are a way for a person to grow emotionally and such. I think that she mentioned inspirational quotes in there.
    What would you like for Christmas Danny?

    1. silly me! I forgot to say why I wanted these things or that one thing. Our combined families have never been together, so it would be a nice thing. The answer to ending hate and violence in our country I think is obvious. Why I want the question a day book? Well, to help search myself more. Give me that little nudge each day to spark creativity, productiveness and learn something new.

  3. I already have everything I need. But if it’s my wish list, I’d ask for peace and for us all to get along. All this fussing and fighting is getting old. Good health for those I care about is up there too. 😃

  4. Just a Christmas card is more than enough. Christmas gifts embarrass me. Besides I don’t need anything and when I get something it usually become clutter.

    1. Sometimes the simplest gifts are the best. I don’t have need of anything material as I usually buy what I need. Really all I ask for is family time and peace of mind.

      1. That’s what was going on with mine. I had a guy come out from a company called Convenient Appliances or something like that, said it’d be about $350 to fix it. Nope! I’ll just buy another one.

  5. Having all of my children and grandchildren in one place, together. Because we couldn’t last year. My oldest son lives 2000 miles away, my other son lives about two hours away, so this would be fantastic!

  6. Finally getting my peace and quiet back… long story and a personal one but some family issues that need to be dealt with and I’m so over it. It eats me up and I can’t wait until everything has settled again…

  7. I always joke and say a new pancreas. Joking aside, the best holiday gift is for my family to be happy and healthy. Nothing is better than that. A peaceful home is the best gift. OK, a gift card to Athleta would be awesome too. Happy Holidays!

    1. I agree with you 100% Don. I don’t have much need for material stuff. I guess I am getting to that age where I can get things on my own. My true wish is to have happiness and to bring happiness to my family and friends.

  8. I would wish to get an answer to my question of why humankind has not evolved past settling their differences without violence – though I know there is more involved than settling differences) I wish for world peace, peace to all mankind. Why can’t we seem to achieve this and what is the reason for this immature way of thinking and acting. I would love an answer and know how we can rectify this for all mankind, that would be the best Christmas of all time for me.

  9. I have a lot riding on my disability hearing going my way; that would mean that I would also (literally) not be homeless. So please, Santa + his bag of goodies, bring me that. <3

      1. I went out of work with a MS relapse at the end of 2013 and waited until this past summer until I could finally go back to work. During that time I applied for disability (Oct. 2014) and still have not received a hearing date.

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