Let Me Ask You A Question – 12/7/16


Let me ask you a question:

When was the last time you purposefully did something kind for a complete stranger?

64 thoughts on “Let Me Ask You A Question – 12/7/16

  1. Yesterday. I was told to “Have a nice day” from a food service attendant. I smiled and bid her the same (I’m typically kind to all), but the look on her face was as if she was shocked that I said it.

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  2. Yesterday. I gave a lady in my therapist office a fashion magazine. She had said how much she used to love them, so I gave her mine. She also said she loved my boots, but you have to draw a line somewhere!

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  3. Lately I have been trying to ask myself “what do I have that people need?” Trying to think outside the box with my giving. Can I offer a listening ear? Would my friend like that top that doesn’t fit? Can I buy that product or something similar through fair trade so the money goes back to the person who makes it? It doesn’t take a ton of resources to give back; just a kind heart and a little creativity.

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  4. Bought lunch for a homeless, disabled vet outside a grocery store. He was sitting on the curb in front of a pizza place. I asked if he wanted to join us for lunch inside. He refused saying his stomach was bothering him. So we went into the grocery and got “mild” food at the deli.

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  5. We can’t afford to give “things” but every time I can help someone by doing something to make his/her life even a little easier I do it. It may be cooking for a friend who works long hours or taking my service dog to a nursing home so people can pet him. Sometimes its’ just chatting with a lonely person when I walk my dog. There are many things we can do to make someone’s day a bit brighter.

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  6. I took the habit to offer food to homeless people who beg on the street. (unless I am really in a hurry) I go to a convenience or grocery store nearby and buy something to eat for them… I’m glad to see that ChΓ©ri followed my idea, when he is on his own. It is our way to pay forward for life’s blessings πŸ™‚

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  7. It’s been a while, because I’ve been stuck inside a lot lately. I try to practice kindness (and simple manners) wherever I am though. Smiling, wishing someone a nice day, asking if someone is alright or needs help (and then helping if they need it), etc. all adds up. Those are things I try to do when out and about, because I know that gestures like that can make a world of difference.

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  8. I live in London where everybody is a stranger because people don’t interact with one another and especially with stranger. If you try to interact they think that you are mad. This said probably not long ago as I’m always trying to help if I can only that I have come to realize that most strangers don’t appreciate anything that one does for them. At least in London is like this.

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      • Yes, i agree 100%, I love to meet people, and have people in my life, that care about others and make others their focus. There is this one woman at a coffee shop I go to for hot chocolate once a week(it is my once a week get out of the house trip) and she is always quite forlorn. I think of her. I go in and always try to connect to her, talk to her, ask if she is ok, compliment her. Just a tiny thing but if more people cared or noticed these things we would be in a kinder world.

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  9. I’m so excited! I got to help a lady older than me catch her runaway dog this evening! She was frantic that he’d be hit by a car (which would be quite a feat considering I was probably the second car down the road in a day) and in tears. I was able to get out of the car, not terrify the dog with my cane (so many dogs are scared of that big stick), and get him safely back to her house! I’m grinning from ear to ear that both the pup and the lady (who should know better than to be on a country road in the dark) are safe and together!

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      • LOL That dog had darned little chance of being run over but it got really cold last night so I’m glad he was in his warm home! And that lady…. She was so scared for her buddy. I’d be like that if my boys took off!

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      • We live on a very busy road. It used to be the only road that went all the way across the state down here. We don’t have a fence and we DO have dogs. I used to train obedience and Schutzhund (think of police & personal protection dogs). So I trained our dogs on the boundaries of their “territory.”
        My husband is a very softhearted, gentle man. He’s the dogs’ lawyer when they get in trouble (F. Lee Daddy). I’m the tough old broad the dogs listen to and when Mr. C lets them out he sometimes calls to me “Tell them ‘boundary’!” I can holler from the other side of the house and the boys straighten up like good little Marines. lol
        But I’m tough because it would tear my heart out if they got hurt or killed on that damned road. I feel like Fred Gwynne in “Pet Sematary.” That damned road!


  10. Last week. My family and I went out to eat coz it was very cold and my kids said they wanted soup. As we were walking in I saw a man sitting outside who looked cold (and homeless). I thought I’d order him soup also to keep him warm but then I saw someone already beat me to it before I could order. After we were done eating we left and I bought him coffee and pastries and went back to give it to him.

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  11. I’ve been working up in Minnesota for a few days each week and the people there are so polite. I stay at the same hotel each week and often leave clothes to be dry cleaned over the weekend. One particular week, my suit that I left could not be found when I checked in. I new that the hotel would pay to replace it, but I saw myself wearing the same clothes all week or going out to buy something. At about 8PM on the day that I checked in, there was a knock on the door and one of the bellmen was standing there holding my suit. He had used his break to walk around to the other hotels in the area, in very cold weather, to find my suit. It had gone to another hotel by mistake. These guys make minimum wage and his actions were way above and beyond what I expected. I gave him a $20 tip, but the next day, knowing that he likes Starbucks coffee, I gave him a $25 gift card that I had to Starbucks. (I’m a Dunkin’ Donuts coffee person). He didn’t expect it and was very happy to receive it.

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  12. Three days ago. She was extremely rude but I still helped her out a little! We were at the store and she was in front of me in the line to pay. She asked me if I would save her spot and I said yes. So…she goes and gets more stuff and I have like 5 things to pay for and she has like 20. I usually let people who don’t have a lot of stuff go before me in the line! She got out of the line again and went and got more stuff! She had like 20 items now! It’s such a pet peeve of mine! I was so upset! Lol. I was hungry too so that added to it. I hold the door open for people, even if they don’t even say thank you.

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