21 thoughts on “Look Up

  1. ~~~~~~~~~LIFE~~~~~~~~~
    Look up take notice
    The hole the door a lamppost
    To late in coma
    Facing fighting a slow death
    Look up while you have a life

    What really bugs me is they continue texting whilst having a conservation with you. Whether its possible of not, it is disrespectful. Oops rant done, sorry! My Tanka says it all. Take care,


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  2. I’m thrilled my grandchildren aren’t allowed to have phones but their parents could use a bit of “look up” themselves. They’re not as bad as some young people I see but, goodness! Do they ever actually turn their phones off?

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  3. Our phone falls, we panic,
    Our friends fall, we laugh!
    Being a 90’s kid I have seen it all. A time without mobile and now a crazy era. But I feel bad for the coming generations.

    P.s: it’s a time when Apple and BlackBerry are not just fruits.

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