21 thoughts on “Look Up

  1. ~~~~~~~~~LIFE~~~~~~~~~
    Look up take notice
    The hole the door a lamppost
    To late in coma
    Facing fighting a slow death
    Look up while you have a life

    What really bugs me is they continue texting whilst having a conservation with you. Whether its possible of not, it is disrespectful. Oops rant done, sorry! My Tanka says it all. Take care,


  2. I’m thrilled my grandchildren aren’t allowed to have phones but their parents could use a bit of “look up” themselves. They’re not as bad as some young people I see but, goodness! Do they ever actually turn their phones off?

  3. Our phone falls, we panic,
    Our friends fall, we laugh!
    Being a 90’s kid I have seen it all. A time without mobile and now a crazy era. But I feel bad for the coming generations.

    P.s: it’s a time when Apple and BlackBerry are not just fruits.

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