58 thoughts on “Let Me Ask You A Question – 12/8/16

  1. First I am a human being. I am unique there is no one like me in the entire world. I am a daughter, sister, cousin, niece, mother, grandmother, wife, aunt and friend. I have taken many forms over the years, right now I am a writer. I have always loved to write and tell stories and now I have the time and opportunity. This might change tomorrow but for now that’s what I am and I’m loving it. :o)

      1. well I guess at this point I am a woman…wife…mom….writer…LGBT supporter, dog lover…cruelty free consumer….and yogi in the making. Who still has a lot to figure out. 🙂 Better?

      2. I am glad you like them. I think a lot and these questions come from some of my personal thoughts on my own life. I figure if I’m thinking about maybe others are also.

  2. You puzzled me to no end with this question. So much so that as soon as I read it I immediately went to look in mirror to check it out and to my relief I saw that I’m the same person that I was yesterday. Anyway to put it differently I used to be an ordinary human being up to a year ago, till I became a magician and this is what I’m now. Not like Harry Potter, he is useless and totally fictional, but a real one. Abracadabra…

  3. A survivor, loving Mom, who continues to seek strength and guidance in serving my Why and a purpose bigger than myself all the while chasing my dream.

  4. I am me a kind, compassionate, funny, quirky woman who loves and laughs in equal measure. I look for the good in everyone and everything . I have beed stiffled, curtailed, stripped of dignity and been a victim. But I stood tall and became the woman I am. Unique, the best I can be.

    1. All of the attributes you mentioned are so valuable to possess. Kindness is overlooked these days and then back that up with compassion and you have the recipe for a great life.

      1. Thank you we can only be the best we can be… i do have faults though, i talk too much but listen well when needed, and cover/hide behind laughter so; all appears fine. Ì can take too much to heart. Nobody is perfect .

    1. I am surprised at the number of people who have described themselves instead of expressing Who they are. Do you think people really take the time to contemplate Who they are?

      1. It’s tough, but as you get older, you start thinking about a legacy. I know that sounds arrogant, but I often think about what I remember about my dad and how I want my kids to remember me.

      2. Not arrogant at all. I have thought about this several times when thinking about life and death and real matters like that. And I wonder sometimes what will people say and think about me after I’m gone. In a way that is the same thing thinking of legacy.

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