45 thoughts on “Let Me Ask You A Question – 12/9/16

      1. Sure. It hurts my heart to see elderly homeless or not being taken care of. I managed a property of senior residents. Most dumped there by children who never visited. Some had little to nothing and were on set incomes. I’ve been the only one in attendance at funerals or to take them to hospital and it hurts my heart. My room mate eventually got used to coming home to no coffee pot or microwave because someone didn’t have one. I can’t not do something.

  1. Dogs. I can’t stand to see a dog in pain or under stress. Seeing a stray dog will mess me up for days. In my opinion dogs are the most precious, gentle souls. They are so loyal and would do anything for the people they love so to see a stray or a scared dog is just something I can’t shake or ignore.

  2. I shouldn’t reveal it because if they knew it some people could use it against me. However, between me you and the lamp post I’m quite invulnerable and invincible. Not totally though. I’m lethally allergic to Kryptonite like Superman. Luckily it’s extremely rare to find even on the black market so there is little chance that ill intentioned criminals will ever be able to destroy me. I’m also a bit demophobic which means that I’m uncomfortable in crowds of people. But that’s OK because I avoid crowds whenever I see one including entering in crowded cafes or restaurants. My Achilles’ heal is a weakness for genuine, sincere and empathetic woman’s smile. I’ve no defence against it. Please don’t spread the news around… It’s a matter of personal safety.

      1. Exactly. The older I get, I’m trying my best to feel them before letting them in, then steering clear of them. That is harder than I thought it would be.

      2. By nature I am a “fixer” so I fully understand vetting these types of people. I stopped fixing people because they affected me more than I fixed them! lol

  3. Sincerity might be both my greatest strength and deepest flaw. My concern with what lies beneath the surface is an aspiration, a compulsion, a phobia, a paranoia. I envy people who don’t care about being sincere, because they’ve got a lot more options. But I’m trapped in being me and can’t do anything about it.

      1. Stress is my achilles heal, I always get stressed out over the tiniest things or over think them. Stress is the one thing that, for me, tends to get in the way of celebrating the small things.

      2. Ah, now I see. Stress is one of those things that I have not been able to figure out. It does not makes logical sense, but I continue to worry about stuff nonetheless.

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