One scoop of happiness please?

Introducing Oaktown Vibes!!

Genius Unbound

People make the concept of finding happiness more complex than it already is. Most of life’s answers are right there in front of our faces…or in most cases, right there in the palm of our hand or right inside of us. We already are exactly what we want and what we desire to be.

If there is something that you want, you just have to realize that you already have it. I am a huge believer in energy and vibrations. You will only attract what you already are and what you have. If you don’t have something, its because your own energy and vibrations are repelling it. The problem for most people is that they look outside of themselves for happiness, and don’t understand why they cant really obtain it.

You have to be solid in who you are FIRST. If your thoughts are always negative and doubtful, you will attract the…

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