Why Holiday Traditions Matter – In Between Moderation

Why Holiday Traditions Matter – In Between Moderation

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The first Christmas after I moved away from my childhood home to attend college I return to find the house with no Christmas decorations, no tree, nothing to show the holiday‚Äôs were approaching. By all standards I was considered an adult now and…


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  1. This was a great post and reminded me that traditions are so important. The year before Mr. C got sick I decided to do a “grown up” Christmas tree. After all, the kids were all adults so I didn’t need to put up the ornaments they’d made or their “Baby’s First Christmas” ornaments. Heck. Those babies had babies of their own!
    The tree was decorated in blue and silver ornaments and all white lights and was, in my eyes, the epitome of what a Christmas tree should look like.
    Our youngest son came over not long after I’d finished and he walked around the tree with a kind of puzzled look on his face. Then he blurted out, “I know where the REAL decorations are! I’ll go get them!” He was overjoyed when we took off my stylish, grown up decorations and replaced them with the paper reindeer he’d made when he was in kindergarten and all the other things they’d made over the years. He even switched the white lights to the colored ones we’d always had.
    If I ever put a Christmas tree up again I’m going to hang those ornaments made by tiny hands and those “Baby’s First Christmas” ornaments. Because when you go home at Christmas it doesn’t feel like Christmas without them.

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