Let Me Ask You A Question – 12/10/16


Let me ask you a question:

How have you been? Β 

70 thoughts on “Let Me Ask You A Question – 12/10/16

  1. The weather is causing me a lot of physical pain. Cold, wet weather is not my best friend. But I’m able to put on my nightgown and sit here and read my favorite blogs so, really, not too bad!
    Here’s a question for you! How have YOU been?

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      • I read something about the barometric pressure affecting certain conditions. It made sense. When the pressure is high it kind of acts like a pressure bandage. When it is low the pressure isn’t there and things start to hurt. I can always tell, from my arthritis, when it’s going to be bad weather. I bet there may be a correlation with MS, too!

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  2. Very well except that today I had the news that my barber for over thirty years died and it was quite a shock . Only 51 years of age leaving a wife and two children He was like part of my family and I can’t get over it. Apart from it I can’t complain. As long as I’ve health, a roof over my head and something to eat I’m fine. I don’t need more.

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  3. I’ve been sick with a really bad cold for three days now. My son was sick last week so I might have caught it from him. I’ve just been taking it easy, lying around, reading, drinking lots of juice and water, taking naps. I hope all is well for you and your wife.

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