Blogmas 2016 – Returning The 12 Days

Meet Being Lydia!!

Being Lydia!

pearDay 10

Most of my life I was known for my bad aim and clumsiness. I was lousy at most sports, couldn’t play pool or darts very well, and don’t even mention baseball. I did make the basketball team but it wasn’t for my scoring abilities – I was tall and ambidextrous so very good for jump balls. I believe all of this was related to my low self-esteem and depression.

My hubby and I joined the drama ministry at our church though we were both there mainly behind the scenes doing tech. I also directed a couple of plays. One year our group was planning something for the Christmas banquet and we came up with a short play about a guy who wants to return the 12 days of Christmas.

It was an awesome little skit that was hilarious. We started it with me playing an angry shopper trying…

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