Let Me Ask You A Question – 12/12/16


Let me ask you a question:

Do you plan on doing any organized volunteering for 2017?  Homeless shelters, women’s shelters, nursing homes, etc.?  

54 thoughts on “Let Me Ask You A Question – 12/12/16

  1. Yep, sure do. We volunteer for our boys’ archery team, our local Humane Society, and a facility here called Home of the Innocents that provides lodging and services for medically fragile and/or psychologically challenged kids. That last one is near and dear to us, as we spent many a time there when our oldest was younger and being diagnosed with Autism.

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  2. Not on my chinny chin chin as the little pig said. I feel that asking people to be volunteers is a exploitation of good people willingness to do good. For whatever work they do people should receive a recompense of some sort. It’s not about money but as the proverb says: “Every work should receive its salary”. I know a lot about charities having been involved with several of them. Moreover I have a friend of mine who has worked as an accountant for several charities who keep telling me odd stories. Without hardly any exception the bosses of many charities get huge wages and bonus, while the volunteers get nothing. I know that this is controversial but my experience tells me otherwise. However scandals about dodgy charities happen all the time in Britain. Just last year a big charity called Kids Company managed to get and squander in luxurious living millions of pounds from the government and it’s not the only one Ref: https://semipartisansam.com/2015/08/07/kids-company-and-the-scam-of-government-funded-charities/ If I do charitable work is a direct one, that is from me to the people in need

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    • I am sure these types of things happen, but at the types of places we volunteer we do it for the people who need help. I will not allow myself to not help because of what I suppose might be happening behind closed doors. If I can help, I will.

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  4. I have been volunteering for many years at our local children’s emergency abuse shelter and assisting wounded warriors transitioning back into civilian life. I plan to keep this going in 2017. 😊 It’s My Why.

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  5. I do volunteer work but not quite the normal stuff. I crochet baby hats for a hospital on the northern tip of Vancouver Island. The nurses like to send new babies home with hats. Many of the babies are aboriginal and the families can’t afford a lot of things so the hospitals try to start them out right. I also crochet slippers which are sold by a charity at craft fairs and hospitals to raise money for underprivileged kids. I also mentor young women who have had a rough life or just need some TLC and encouragement. All of these endeavors are very rewarding for me. Not having children of my own I am glad that I can make a difference in the lives of young people, even if it is just a hat to keep a baby’s head warm.

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  6. I volunteered for an animal shelter once. I’m a dog person. They assigned me to wash cat dishes and vacuum their cages, with the cats still inside. I had never worked with cats and was nervous about getting scratched. I did not know how to keep the cats from getting out. The supervisor criticized me because there was still food in the cages that I missed with the vacuum.

    I volunteered for a recycling center once. It was an event when people drive-up and leave cloths in bags. There were 5 other volunteers, but they stood to the side doing nothing and told me to hurry up because there were cars waiting.

    I volunteered for an organization that held Bingo once a week to raise money for the homeless. The Director assigned me to the booth to sell the packages, then to prepare pull-tab games. That also made me in charge of the bank and there was no backup for security. When they took a break and other volunteers came into the room with the bank, I took a washroom break. Upon coming out of the washroom the Director told me that I couldn’t take break when the people did because she wanted me to sell pull-tab games.

    My days of volunteering ended then. It’s one thing to volunteer and work with a team, as a team. It’s another thing to volunteer where everyone else is your boss treating you like a slave.

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    • Sounds like you need to start your own charity work. Practicing charity is a key to life. I would encourage you to find a way to do it on your own or find better organizations to work for.


  7. Great question. We have volunteered with the kids to give them a better appreciation of how things could be for us if our circumstances were different. One year was quite eye-opening. My older two kids are adopted from the state Foster Care system. One year we were volunteering at the Rescue Mission Homeless Shelter during Christmas time. I saw a strange look pass over my kids’ faces as they worked in the kitchen and served food. I asked them what was wrong and they actually remembered living there with their mom before they were taken into the system. It made them reflect and appreciate their current situation a bit more.

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    • Volunteering has a way of providing or revealing perspective. We must get out of our own world and realize part of our lives is meant to help others. It’s not just for the receiver of the deed, but the doer as well. It fills us in a way.

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  8. Yup. There is an organization that helps mother’s in need. They collect all items you don’t need anymore when the kids grow (typical baby things) and donate it to mother’s that are in need, families in need. Most of them are domestic violence victims but a couple of years ago they did a lot for families who lost everything in the fires.

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