This is a copy of my journal I write for my therapist

Meet Advoctate For Mental Illness!!

Tessa Can Do It! Positivity is Catching!

Journal – morning only – I figured I would put the journal on here so I don’t have to write it over:


December 14, 2016

Day after therapy and I am still animated. I know it is false since it is mania and not my only mood/mask I show. I still have energy and am cleaning up my room as much as my physical body will let me. This is a breakthrough. Depression I only do what I must do at the very minimum. A huge bag of paper is recycled. This is paper that was shoved on a desk top and some of my file drawers. I still have several boxes down here from when my kids moved me to the downstairs room to prevent falls. I still fall. Fell off the chair yesterday. Getting up was fun and difficult. I did finally make it without screaming the…

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