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      1. Thank you very much. I enjoy the conversations also. I once wrote a post about the power of admitting your wrongdoings. A lady responded to me and explained that she never, ever apologizes to anyone, even when she knew she was in the wrong. Usually these types of people have narcissistic tendencies and there are more of them than I ever realized.

  1. I apologize always when I do things wrong however I have the knack of turning things around and make the person to whom I apologize to see the funny side of it. For instance a few days ago I was told by the director of the place where I spend most of my time to use a plate when having my coffee with biscuits or pastry in order not to drop crumbs on the floor which I did everyday and nobody up to that moment when she spotted me doing it could think who was the culprit. I apologized immediately because the place where it kept happening is very important to me and so is she. However a few hours later I sent her a mobile phone message thanking her for having told me, adding that thanks to her advice not only her place was from then on crumbs free but also that my apartment and bed were from then on crumbs free that means that now, and it’s true, I have to do less hovering and cleaning. That drew from her a smile.

  2. I realized that someone I work with had taken something I had done completely the wrong way. While I don’t think that was my fault I apologized for having presented it without sufficient explanation. . I felt that was better than going for the “what’s your problem?” approach. It worked well and she opened right up about how it had upset her and we were able to set matters straight with no hard feelings.

  3. After the break-up of a long-term relationship, we eventually were able to maintain a friendship. With some clarity gained over time, i was able to apologize for the ways i’d communicated in the past that were not constructive. Even though he’d hurt me deeply, my being able to examine my own behavior no longer felt contingent upon whether he was self-examining or apologizing.

    1. This question arose from me having to apologize to a reader the other day. Commenting sometimes can be a challenge because I want to respond to everyone authentically, not just a ‘thanks for reading.’ At any rate, I got caught up in a conversation where I found myself trying to be right instead of listening. Plus I am not always able to convey my thought accurately when commenting as I don’t want to write an essay. Nonetheless I apologized but have not seen his Gravatar in my notifications so I think he has found other places to play in the online world. Such is the life of a blogger. lol

      1. Clear communication is such a challenge, because it’s not only about how accurately you express your thoughts, but also about where the other person may be coming from when they read them. You only have some control over one of those two things.

      2. That can happen so easily. I’ve done that as well, and had to go to the other person and talk it over.

      3. Me too. I have started doing a lot more videos because they are quick and I can express myself. I’ll continue creating written content as well though.

      4. Hi Danny! Working on that right now… Yes — the visits and views doubled the following day. There have been a steady few visitors each day since, whereas before there were often ‘zero-days’ between my posts. 😀

      5. Yes, my last few posts since you ‘Partnered’ me have garnered new followers as well. Also, visitors are poking around more. Thanks again! 🙂

  4. To my daughter. She asked me to get her something and I sighed because I was tired which hurt her feelings because she is sick and couldn’t get it herself.
    One of the great gifts we can give our children is the ability to sincerely apologize. I did it

      1. The power of humility is amazing. Being able to put another person first and apologize even if you may not be “wrong” but to show them that they matter enough for you to not have to win, I personally think is important in the right situation. My husband has apologized to me before when I knew we were both wrong but he offered a bit of kindness which allowed me to find my own. Geez, Ive rambled and don’t know if I made sense even. I guess my point is sometimes we know we are wrong and need to be able to apologize and sometimes we may not be sure but to be able to humble ourselves is a good quality

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