14 thoughts on “Become A Human-Doing!!

  1. Inspiring video. I came from a poor family, born in 1943, graduated high school, went to work, married at 20 raised three children they all graduated university. Since I was eight years old I would write, I wrote as a teen, as a mom, I worked and retired from AT&T. When I became an empty nester I was still writing. I wrote a book “The Italian Thing” it is published, I started a blog, The Writers Desk, joined FB, Goggle, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest. I am still writing. I am 73 and loving it.
    My dad drilled into our heads as youngsters. “You are never a failure if your try, and fail. You are only a failure if you fail to try”.
    Great advice. :o)

    1. What you say is so true. Some of the folk who email me believe that they are a victim and their life will not change. I wish I could jump inside them and show them but I cannot. All I can do is continue to speak about it and maybe one day the light bulb will come on. πŸ™‚

  2. Great video! It was so nice to put a voice to the face, and such positive words coming out of it. I have been around a lot of this situation because of family members/friends and it’s so difficult to shake someone awake who is convinced that they aren’t asleep. Also I’ve had to distance myself emotionally because it is so draining to repeat the same message and negativity is so contagious. Then I have to catch myself from copying their behavior.

    1. You are so right. All I can do is continue to say the same things over and over hoping someone has a light bulb moment. But yes, it is nearly impossible to convince someone they are asleep. lol I laughed at the visual of shaking people.

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