Is it in sync with your soul?

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Genius Unbound

All it takes is one tiny flame to set a whole forest ablaze. You don’t need to reach the whole world on your own, you just need to be the starting point by doing what comes natural to you. The wealthiest locations in the world are cemeteries, because they’re filled with men and women that died with extraordinary dreams and ideas. They didn’t understand that small acts fueled by love and compassion or that baby steps could make a difference in the world.

Many people die without realizing their dreams, not because they are incapable of accomplishing them, but because they listen to the ones they love the most. Our loved ones mean well, but when they give their opinions on our capabilities or what direction is best for us to take, they’re speaking from their own experience and from their own limitations that they have placed on themselves. We have to learn how to gracefully disagree and go right…

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